60 Sexy and Hot Hannah Jeter Pictures

Born as Hannah Davis on May 5, 1990, growing up on the Virgin Islands, the model says that the perfect weather, welcoming residents, and listening to the sound of animals and waves crashing was her fondest memories. Davis was a spirited tennis athlete during her schooling years, and she has competed for both Caribbean National Tennis Team. She has managed to also play for the Caribbean Tennis Circuit as well as the National Volleyball Team at Virgin Island.

She signed a contract with the elite talent acquisition agency called IMG at the mere age of 14.  Therefore, as a result, she had her first deal within the first week. It was with the global brand,  Ralph Lauren. However, because of Hannah’s engagements at her high school, she could only take on jobs during weekends and holidays. She has starred in a total of four Sports Illustrated Swimsuits throughout the Issues released in 2013 to 2016. The 2015 issue, however, is the nearest to the model’s heart, mainly because she was the cover model for that edition. 

Additionally, she has also landed on the covers of FHM publication in France and South Africa. The blonde beauty was in a skimpy bikini for her renowned SI cover and would be in a semi-topless ensemble for both FHM covers. She was the leading name for many high profile brand products, including Levi’s, Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, American Eagle Outfitters, and Ralph Lauren.

She is passionate about the development of jewelry and intends to build her collection. She acted as a Project Runway host in the show’s  Junior edition in 2015.  

Hannah Davis became even more popular in 2013 as the jaw-dropping “fairy” of Direct TV, who made a cameo in a TV advertisement to project sensual looks at the viewer before clicking her fingertips and vanishing. The ads were seen on NFL football telecasts in constant rotation, making her a quick standout with all sports fans.

She started a relationship with retired MLB heartthrob Derek Jeter in 2012. The sexy couple tied the knot 4 years after. They now have two children who are called Story and Bella. She currently has a massive following on Instagram, totaling up to 546 thousand followers. The blonde bombshell has also landed on several health magazine covers for her athleticism and toned figure. She credits a balanced diet and highly intensive workouts for her sexy body.

There are several things about Hannah Davis, which are extraordinary, and undoubtedly, an example would be the fact that she can stroll on stilts with great ease. She has not divulged why and how she picked this skill up.  In the images gallery, you will find pictures similar to those done by the model in sexy photoshoots, red carpet shots, magazine spreads, promotional materials, and more! She is known to have abundant boobs and a curvy ass guaranteed to drive anybody crazy.

Sexy and Hot Hannah Jeter Pictures

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