55 Sexy and Hot Halston Sage Pictures

Halston Sage is one of the upcoming artists in the industry. Her career is just starting, and our celebrity is slowly gaining popularity. She has several performances to date. Aside from her acting skills, this lady has an incredible figure. Our gallery of Sexy and Hot Halston Sage Pictures will highlight images to prove this statement.

In her bikini photos, you will appreciate her lean physique. Her boobs and ass also have great shapes, and these will titillate any man’s imagination. Also, a part of the photo selection comprises of images of Halston wearing formal dresses and casual clothes.

In these, you will note that she has a sophisticated fashion style. She appears glamorous and classy with those evening dresses. Her perfect figure makes her look good with any clothes she wears.

Before getting to the central part of this article, we would like to provide some background on Halston. Let us give this pretty woman more substance by highlighting not only her physical assets but also her talents and achievements. In the next paragraphs, you will get to know more about Halston Sage and her career.

Halston’s birthdate was on May 10, 1993. She hails from Los Angeles, California. Her real name is Halston Jean Schrage, and her parents are Tema and Lenny Schrage. They are of Jewish heritage. She has two other siblings, named Kate and Max. Aside from acting, Halston is an excellent equestrian. She engaged in the sport for eight years and has won some awards. She also loves to read and write. During her high school years, she became the editor of their school paper. At 14 years old, she ventured into modeling.

One trivia about Halston is that she likes movies from the eighties. She also loves dogs and would frequently post something about them on Instagram. Further, she went to a private school for girls and felt that during high school, she did not have the same experience as other average students.

In her acting career, Halston had a role in the following films, tv series, and music videos:


  • Joan’s Day Out
  • The First Time
  • The Bling Ring
  • Grown Ups 2
  • Neighbors
  • Poker Night
  • Paper Towns
  • Goosebumps
  • Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
  • Before I Fall
  • People You May Know
  • You Get Me
  • Late Night
  • The Last Summer

TV series

  • Victorious
  • How to Rock
  • Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures
  • Figure It Out
  • Crisis
  • The Orville
  • Magnum P.I.
  • Prodigal Son

Music Videos

  • “Beggin’ on Your Knees”
  • “Loving You Easy”

The performance that launched her career was her role, Grace in the How to Rock series of Nickelodeon. This show had one season composed of 25 episodes. Also, in 2016, she got a leading role in the Star Trek prequel The Orville. She played Lt. Alara Kitan.

With regards to the movies, her notable projects include The Bling Ring, Grown Ups 2, Neighbors, and Goosebumps. She had a kissing scene with Rose Byrne in the movie Neighbors, and this act got nominated for the “Best Kiss” at the MTV Movie Awards.

Sexy and Hot Halston Sage Pictures

Sexy and Hot Halston Sage Pictures
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