60 Sexy and Hot Halle Berry Pictures

From being a beauty queen, Halle Berry rapidly became one of the most acclaimed actresses in Hollywood. At 53, the actress seems to have only looked better with age as she remains as sexy as ever. Check the gallery of Sexy and Hot Halle Berry Pictures we have below.

As a daughter of an interracial couple in an almost all-white public school, Halle Berry faced a lot of discrimination and judgment at an early age. With the tons of racism that she received throughout the years, her will to excel increased.

In high school, Halle Berry became an achiever. She was head cheerleader, class president, newspaper editor, and joined tons of extracurricular activities.

Being a natural performer, Halle Berry took to beauty pageants, earning her a couple of titles in the 1980s. She was Miss Teen Ohio then later got the crown for Miss Teen America. Halle Berry was also a first runner-up for the Miss USA pageant in 1985.

She studied to be a broadcast journalist in a community college in Cleveland but left before receiving her degree to try her hand in the entertainment world. Her move to New York allowed her to become a catalog model.

In the 1990s, Halle Berry found opportunities in the TV scene. The career for the aspiring actress started when she got a role in Living Dolls, a short-lived sitcom that proved to be a good stepping stone for what will be a flourishing career.

In 1991, Halle Berry landed another promising role in Knots Landing, a prime-time drama in CBS, which aired for around a year.

However, the massive break for Halle Berry was in the movie scene. She landed a role alongside Samuel L. Jackson in the critically praised movie Jungle Fever. Her acting career continued after that with a couple of significant supporting roles. She appeared in the 1991 action-thriller film The Last Boy Scout with Bruce Willis and the romantic comedy film in 1992 Boomerang with Eddie Murphy.

Halle Berry also showed her impressive acting skills in her portrayal of a rehabilitated crack addict who is fighting for her son’s custody in the 1995 movie Losing Isaiah. Her believable character in the film earned her tons of praise.

Later that year, the actress also rose over the racial barriers in Hollywood when she landed the role to play Queen of Sheba for the film Solomon & Sheba for Showtime. Halle Berry was the first-ever African American to portray the character of the queen.

Her acting career also thrived in the 2000s. Halle Berry took part in box office hit films such as Marvel Comic’s big-screen adaptation of X-Men, playing as Storm. She also continued to portray the same character in three more X-Men movies after that.

Halle Berry’s movie credits also include Swordfish, Die Another Day, Gothika, and Catwoman, which highlighted how hot and badass she is as an actress. The actress received various awards throughout her career. Playboy also acknowledged her beauty, including her in the 100 Sexiest Women of the Century. Here are her bikini photos with impressive ass and boobs to prove why she’s one of the most beautiful and sexiest ladies in Hollywood.

Sexy and Hot Halle Berry Pictures

Sexy and Hot Halle Berry Pictures
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