57 Sexy and Hot Gwendoline Christie Pictures

English hot actress, Gwendoline Tracey Philippa Christie’s name, is tied with her role as Brienne of Tarth HBO’s acclaimed Game of Thrones series. Christie is also famous among Star Wars fans for her portrayal as Captain Phasma on the recent films of the franchise. When you peruse the Sexy and Hot Gwendoline Christie Pictures we have for you you will be amazed at her beauty!

Before Christie became a successful actress, she started in South Downs. Their family lives a middle-class life, yet the English actress can still do whatever she pleases as a child. Christie tried out practicing gymnastics but later dropped it because of a severe spine injury.

Before graduating in Drama Centre London, Christie had a job in a boutique starting from 2002. She finished her degree and immediately decided to pursue a career in acting.

Despite being discouraged by her talent agent, Christie never faltered and continued being proud of her unconventional sexy figure. Aside from appearing in films and TV series, she had several appearances in stage plays, including Doctor Faustus, which premiered in 2010.

Christie worked closely with the director Nathaniel Mellors. She debuted in one of his films, The Time Surgeon, which premiered in 2007. Mellors continued to feature her in his upcoming short movies that would allow Christie to hone her skills as an actress and also increase her popularity by doing so.

Christie made her breakthrough when she enters the cast of HBO’s medieval fantasy series, Game of Thrones. Christie appeared in 2011, which is also the time that the series is picking up popularity.

With Christie’s brilliant performance on the series, she received a total of 4 nominations from different award-giving bodies.

While filming for Game of Thrones, Christie appeared in the 2013 series Wizards vs. Aliens as well. Here, she plays the character Lexi, which is one of the leading roles in the show.

In 2013, Christie starred in the movie The Zero Theorem. Two years later, the English actress appeared in the sequel of the famous film Hunger Games. She played the role of Commander Lyme that was supposed to go to the actress Lily Rabe, but she needs to back out eventually for some reason.

In 2015, she made her debut as Captain Phasma in the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Christie would, later on, reprise her role in two more Star Wars films that premiered in 2017 and 2018.

HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones wrapped up in 2019, and as an acknowledgment of her excellency as an actress, Christie received more nominations for more awards in different categories.

Gwendoline Christie’s unconventional bikini body that was first pointed out by her talent agent would, later on, become a significant part of her success as an actress. If you’re curious about seeing how the English actress looks, then try having a peak on our collection of her ass and boobs photos, which are all in high-quality.

Sexy and Hot Gwendoline Christie Pictures