54 Sexy and Hot Gwen Stefani Pictures

Gwen Stefani is an extraordinarily talented and award-winning artist. At 50 years old, it seems that this singer, songwriter, and actress never aged. She’s still as sexy and funky as ever.

The American singer is famous for her platinum blond hair and fashionable style coupled with a pouty singing voice. 

She was first introduced in the music world by her older brother Eric, who is also a talented musician. The two of them started the band they called No Doubt, with Gwen Stefani as the backup singer. Later, she became the lead for the group and developed a relationship with the bassist Tony Kanal. In 1991, the band signed with Interscope. However, the label stopped the financial support for their tour after considering their debut album a failure.

Eric also left the group, and Gwen and Tony broke up.

However, it inspired one of Gwen Stefani’s hit song Don’t Speak. The single gained immense popularity, which later prompted the third album of the band, Tragic Kingdom, to achieve over 14 million sales worldwide, and the rest is history.

Along with other singles such as Spiderwebs and Just a Girl, which made massive successes as well, the album gained two nominations from the Grammys. It also reached Billboard’s number one spot.

After the success of the singles, the spotlight primarily focused on Gwen Stefani, instead of the band. Her singing gained worldwide praise as well as her goddess-like beauty. People magazine named her as one of the most beautiful people.

The band released two more albums after that before they took a break. During that time, Gwen Stefani was in a spotlight relationship with Bush frontline man, Gavin Rossdale, whom she later married. 

While the singer’s success in the music scene was impressive before, it even skyrocketed during her solo career. She also ventured into the acting world. Gwen Stafani portrayed the character of Jean Harlow in the film The Aviator.

Gwen Stefani also developed her love for funky clothes into a thriving clothing label that she launched in 2004, the Love Angel Music Baby. 

The singer also ranked in the 100 Sexiest Women in the World list of FHM magazine in two consecutive years. Features about her highlighted her talented and hot persona.

She worked and released her solo albums, including the famous “The Sweet Escape” before No Doubt announced their studio comeback in 2008. Although the rise of the band was slow with Gwen Stefani and Rossdale building their family, they were still able to release a couple of albums.

In 2014, the singer joined The Voice as a judge, then followed with a full-scale comeback with singles Spark the Fire and Baby Don’t Lie. The following year, she and Rossdale divorced, but her music career continued to surge. 

Gwen Stefani released the album This Is What Truth Feels Like with some of her famous singles Used to Love You and Make Me Like You. The album later ranked 1st on the Billboard 200. 

Her decades of success in the music industry proves that Gwen Stefani is more than just impressive ass and boobs, although she remains one of the most stunning people in the music scene. 

Meanwhile, check out Gwen Stefani’s bikini photos that are worth admiring.

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