46 Sexy and Hot Greta Onieogou Pictures

During the first time you witnessed Greta Onieogou, you inevitably fell head over heels for her. It is because this beautiful celebrity is a mixed-race piece of magnificence. Greta possesses the stunning looks that any red-blooded bachelor would want to call her his “babe” or “honey.” If you have come here on our website to view and download more of Greta’s sexy images, you have made the right decision. We have collected the hot pics of this fabulous TV and movie actress at the bottom of this discussion. You can expect to see more of her sultry body, exotic boobs, and tight young ass all hugged by skimpy string bikinis of diverse colors, styles, and brands.

But before we let you indulge in these visual delights displaying Miss Onieogou’s sexually enticing physique, let us first discover some tidbits about her. Greta’s birth date is March 14, 1991. This piece of data about her tells us that her zodiac sign in Pisces. Also, as of June 2020, Miss Onieogou is 29 years old. The birthplace of this dazzling celebrity is Leningrad, which is now Saint Petersburg, Russia. Plus, the parents of Greta are of Russian and Nigerian pedigrees. When the young actress was five years old, she and her family migrated to Toronto in Canada. Did you know that, for several months, Greta collaborated with retired rhythmic gymnast Alexandra Orlando while she was a rhythmic gymnast student? This piece of information is quite impressive, isn’t it?

As for her career in the entertainment industry, Greta has been active as a TV and movie performer since 2005. She has appeared in plenty of famous motion picture projects. Greta worked with Hollywood celebrities, Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore, in the 2005 romantic comedy movie, “Fever Pitch.” In the 2016 political thriller motion picture project, “Miss Sloane,” Greta collaborated with Jessica Chastain and Mark Strong. Plus, Greta appeared in Canadian movies like “Undercover Grandpa” and “Victoria Day.”

As for her career on TV, Greta has taken on the central role of Layla Keating in the sports drama TV series “All American” since 2018. Also, she has taken on guest and recurring roles in the episodes of “Heartland,” “Workin’ Moms,” “Murdoch Mysteries,” “Frankie Drake Mysteries,” “Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters,” “Anne with an E,” and plenty of other TV series.

Greta is bilingual and is fluent in speaking Russian and English. She is a hot babe at 5’8″ tall. Also, this black-haired and dark brown-eyed beauty captivates with her high cheekbones, a deep-set pair of eyes, and a sexually attractive, lean body. Besides being a Hollywood actress, Greta is also a social media influencer. On Instagram, she owns the handle @greta.onieogou and has more than 703,000 followers as of June 2020. 

This YouTube star has over 301,000 subscribers on the popular video-sharing platform as well. Since the launch of her YouTube account on January 12, 2019, Greta’s page has already amassed 7.3 million views as of June 2020. We know you can hardly wait to view the sexy photos of this adorable Hollywood star, so here are the titillating visual treats! Enjoy!

Sexy and Hot Greta Onieogou Pictures