50 Sexy and Hot Gina Rodriguez Pictures

Born in Illinois on July 30, 1984, Gina Rodriguez was first a professional salsa dancer before she became a Hollywood star. This sexy actress started her salsa lessons at a young age. According to Gina, she joined every imaginable dance parade in Puerto Rico.

Gina enrolled in the Tisch School of Arts and finished arts in 2005. However, she suffered from Hashimoto’s disease when she was 19. Gina gained a lot of weight because of the condition. Gina controlled gaining weight through medication and lifestyle changes. Right now, she’s using social media to raise awareness about body positivism.

Rodriguez appeared in many supporting roles from 2004 to 2011. Her first appearance was a minor role in Law & Order and a part in Army Wives. Gina also played a character in The Mentalist. Her breakthrough came when she starred in Filly Brown in 2012. Filly Brown is a musical indie that earned her recognition as a critically acclaimed actress.

Gina turned down a casting role in Devious Maids because of the limiting factor in the storyline. At that time, TV production was looking for the perfect candidate for their series Jane The Virgin. When Gina read the script, she knew she wanted the role and had to be Jane. Besides, she appreciated how the show tackles controversial issues.

Her performance in the series, Jane the Virgin, earned her a Golden Globe Award. Gina’s speech during the awarding ceremony even went viral. The series lasted for years. While shooting the series, Jane the Virgin, Gina had opportunities for movie roles.

In 2016, Gina Rodriguez got the part of Andrea Fleytas in Deepwater Horizon. Her co-star is Mark Wahlberg. Two years later, Gina landed a co-starring role with Natalie Portman and Jennifer Jason Leigh in Annihilation. In 2019, she starred in Miss Bala, a remake of a Spanish film.

Aside from acting, Gina Rodriguez is polishing her directorial skills. To show her prowess in directing, she oversaw the 74th episode of Jane the Virgin. Thus, Gina decided to create her production company. In the upcoming rom-com, Gina is the producer of Someone Great. She will also star in the film Carmen Sandiego. 

Gina Rodriguez wants to become an inspiration for young girls to take control of their lives. When she got the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s disease, she didn’t give up. Instead, Gina used this to make a difference. With a Latino origin, she knew that non-stereotypical roles are hard to find. But, Gina showed to the world that everything is possible when you have the right conviction.

Gina Rodriguez is still one of those celebrities with a hot bikini body. She flaunts her ass and boobs with confidence despite having disease on weight gain. Here are some proofs.