53 Sexy and Hot Gillian Jacobs Pictures

Gillian Jacobs is a sexy, drop-dead gorgeous actress who can seduce with her looks yet melt any heart with her stunning smile. However, what makes her incredibly beautiful is her quirky personality and sense of humor.

Jacobs is also a talented actress that has performed in several movies and TV shows since 2006. Her role as Mickey Dobbs in the Netflix series “Love” (2016-2018) portrays her as a messy and complicated character that depicts a woman coming to terms with her weaknesses. She has an ample mix of cute, sultry, and savage moments in this show, owing to her hilarious quips, and incredibly spot-on wardrobe.

Gillian’s role as Britta Perry in the entertaining series “Community” (2009-2015) also delivers equal parts funny, seductive, and raunchy. She plays the role of a self-righteous yet good-hearted feminist, adored by audiences for her witty, warm, and delightfully tongue-in-cheek antics. Her fans have gone crazy for several seemingly innocent yet hot scenes from the show, with her co-star Allison Brie who plays Annie Edison.

She has also lent her voice to animated shows like “Rick and Morty” (2013- ), where she voices Supernova, a superhero with no patience for the duo’s crazy schemes. In another animated series called “Regular Show” (2009-2017), she lends her voice to Blu-Ray, an odd personification of the Blu-ray disc or format we know today. Here, she gives her quirkiness and brings to life an equally quirky cartoon character.

Being well-known in the comedy industry is no easy feat, yet she manages to do so successfully. To date, she has received numerous awards for her role in Community, including a ‘Best Comedy Supporting Actress’ nomination at the Critics Choice Television Awards. She also won as ‘Favorite Ensemble’ at the TV Guide Awards.

Apart from her mad acting skills, there’s no denying that part of Gillian’s allure is her beauty and sensuality. She knows how to carry herself in any situation, whether while sunbathing in a bikini on the beach, or while navigating a talk show conversation while wearing a sophisticated designer dress.

A series of noteworthy photos released by Esquire magazine in 2012, highlighted Jacobs as the quintessential summer hostess. In the images, she confidently flaunts her body, wearing several beach-ready outfits. It is so evident how hard she’s worked to achieve a delightfully curvaceous figure, plus a set of boobs and ass that are just divine.

Another interesting fact about her is that she’s never consumed alcohol or drugs. This detail could also be the reason why her complexion is just so flawless all the time. This major lifestyle decision was made during her teenage years due to negative experiences with her alcoholic father when she was a kid.

Gillian Jacobs has successfully shown the world that funny women comfortable and confident enough to express who they are the most beautiful and sexiest ladies out there.

Sexy and Hot Gillian Jacobs Pictures