50 Sexy and Hot Geraldine Viswanathan Pictures

Do you appreciate the uniqueness of Geraldine Viswanathan’s beauty? Do you like her for having the exotic looks that make her stand out among her female Hollywood celebrity colleagues? If your reply to our two questions is a reverberating “Y-E-S!” then, you will not regret spending two minutes of your precious time reading this article. It is because we offer the essential tidbits about the rising actress. Plus, if you have got a crush on her, then you will love the sexy offerings we have got at the end of this discussion.

We have collected the hot pics of Geraldine, which include herself wearing string bikinis of assorted colors, designs, and brands. Plus, you will get to view her alluring boobs and tight, young ass from outside North America. Sounds tempting, right? But let us first discover some interesting information about this up-and-coming Hollywood personality.

Geraldine has the middle name Indira in her birth certificate. Moreover, her birth date is listed online as of June 20, 1995. Hence, as of May 2020, she is a fresh-faced, 24-year-old celebrity. If you like reading astrology for fun, you will gather that Geraldine’s zodiac sign is Gemini, an Air symbol. So, are you compatible? Also, the birthplace of this promising young actress is Newcastle. This metropolitan location is in the state of New South Wales.

And yes, Geraldine is an Australian national. Furthermore, you may wonder how this showbiz personality got her eye-catching foreign looks. Her Dad, Suresh, possesses a South Indian pedigree. Meanwhile, her Mom, Mrs. Anja Raith-Viswanathan, originated from Switzerland.

Geraldine is relatively new in the showbiz industry, with her career barely a decade old as of May 2020. She began getting on-screen roles in 2015, appearing in TV series like “Lost Angels,” “The Y2K Bug,” and “Nippers of Dead Bird Bay.” In the third series of Australian TV drama program “Janet King,” Geraldine played the recurring role of Bonnie Mahesh, and she appeared in eight episodes.

Plus, she lent her voice talent to the recurring character named Tawnie in three episodes of the sixth season of “BoJack Horseman,” an adult animated dramedy series.  As of May 2020, you can view Geraldine as a part of the main cast of “Miracle Workers,” alongside famous Hollywood actors Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi. She has appeared in this anthology comedy TV series since 2019.

As for Geraldine’s movie portfolio, she has landed roles in motion picture projects since 2016. These films consist of “Bad Education,” “Hala,” “The Package,” and “Blockers,” among plenty of others. Geraldine has collaborated with well-known Hollywood stars in her film stint, and they include “The Greatest Showman” lead star Hugh Jackman and professional wrestler-actor, John Cena. If you would like to see more of Geraldine’s performance, she will appear as Lucy in “The Broken Heart Gallery,” her forthcoming drama motion picture which is already on its post-production stage as of May 2020.

Geraldine is undoubtedly a celebrity whose showbiz career you should follow. After all, aside from her undeniable acting prowess, this 5’6″ tall charmer has the titillating body measuring 32-25-34 inches. No wonder, you are not alone in being among her thousands of admirers. On Instagram, Geraldine owns the handle @yoyogeraldine, and she has more than 98,600 followers there.

You would love to keep your eyes glued on sexy Geraldine, especially with these images of the black-haired and brown-eyed young star we are about to share. Enjoy!

50 Sexy and Hot Geraldine Viswanathan Pictures