51 Sexy and Hot Gabbie Hanna Pictures

By looking at Gabbie Hanna’s photos, you will agree that she is oozing in sex-appeal. She is a versatile girl who shows her talents and beauty on social media. Learn more about her as you browse through her Sexy and Hot Gabbie Hanna Pictures below.

Gabrielle Jeannette Hanna’s (Gabbie Hanna) was from Pennsylvania, born on February 7, 1991. She has French, Lebanese, and Polish roots and has six siblings. She went to the University of Pittsburgh and joined the Sigma Sigma Sigma organization. 

She graduated in college, taking up a degree in communications and psychology. She moved to Cleveland, Ohio, but after quitting her job, she went to California to focus on becoming a media personality.

Hanna used to post hot videos of her. She also includes her then ex-boyfriends who appeared with blurred faces. One of her then-boyfriend appeared in some of her videos and on Instagram with a hidden face in 2018. The Mystery Man was what the fans labeled him.

July in that year, Hanna indicated that this guy was a pathological liar, which was the reason for her to create the song, Honestly.  

She also had another ex-boyfriend who appeared on her music video, 2WayMirror. The guy also performed with a blurred face, but the fans called him Scooterboy and tracked him. Hanna said to her fans to respect the privacy of her ex-boyfriend but later revealed him as Spencer Sharp.

As you browse through her bikini photos, who would have thought that she suffered from a few psychological disorders. She explained that she battled eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD), anxiety, and more.

In some of her videos, Hanna revealed her views about religion. She said that her parents raised her Catholic, but admitted that she disagreed with some of its teachings. Hanna admitted believing that reincarnation is possible. Later, she said that God might have created the evolution because she could not understand the arguments between these controversial topics.

Before Hanna became a famous Internet star, she busted her ass working on various jobs. Hanna worked as a pizza place’s cashier in Pennsylvania. Hanna also became a waitress in New Castle. She also became a bartender. 

After graduation in college, she joined a marketing company that sold Sam’s Club products. Hanna became the leading salesperson, which was the reason why the company entrusted her to help establish a new branch in Ohio. After finding out that the company’s pyramiding structure, she decided to quit and focused on becoming a media personality.

Her Internet career began when Hanna uploaded some video skits on Vine in 2013. Next year, she ventured on YouTube, creating a channel, The Gabbie Show. Her videos received several awards and nominations, which include Streamy Award for Storyteller in 2018.

Aside from being a vlogger, she also ventured on other endeavors. She wrote and created music and wrote poetry. Some of her works were the poetries, Dandelion, and Adultolescence. Some of the singles she released were Out Loud and Bad Karma. 

By looking at her pics, you know that she is more than just a face. Aside from her gorgeous boobs, she is a talented and versatile girl. 

Sexy and Hot Gabbie Hanna Pictures