48 Sexy and Hot Fran Drescher Pictures

Fran Drescher still has what it takes to be one of the sexiest celebrities of her time. The comedian actress shows everyone that even at her age, she can still rock that tight LBD with her most sensual asset – her smile. If you want to know what we’re talking about, scan through our compilation of Sexy and Hot Fran Drescher Pictures.

You will know it’s Fran Drescher if you hear her distinct nasal sounding voice from comedy series, The Nanny. Fran Drescher was born in Flushing, Queens, on September 30, 1957. The 62-year-old was a pageant contestant when she was still 15 years old and was first runner-up.

Fran’s career started in 1977 when she landed a small role in the movie, Saturday Night Fever, with John Travolta. Then, in 1978, she got parts for films like American Hot Wax and Summer of Fear.

Throughout the 1980s, Fran had several movie roles in famous movies like The Hollywood Knights. She also appeared in some TV shows like Who’s the Boss?, and ALF.

Drescher’s breakthrough came when she and Peter Jacobson created the TV show called The Nanny. Her character in the show was Fran Fine, the nanny of Maggie, played by Nicholle Tom. The show premiered in 1993 through the CBS network and ended in 1999.

The Nanny’s positive reviews made Fran an instant success. In the show, she had a distinct sexy nasal voice that later became her signature voice. She also got praises with her fashion choice as many viewers thought that her outfits flaunt her sexy side even without revealing her boobs or ass.

While doing her “The Nanny” project, Fran was also doing some film appearances. She appeared in The Beautician and the Beast, wherein she was also an executive producer, and Picking Up the Pieces. 

After her success in The Nanny in 1999, she had TV hiatus for a couple of years until she guest-starred in a short-lived series called Good Morning, Miami. In 2005, she also starred in the series called Living With Fran. After two seasons, the show got canceled in 2006.

Drescher announced in 2008 that she was making a new sitcom called The New Thirty with fellow comedian Rosie O’Donnell. However, the project did not go through. She also had created another morning show, which aired for three weeks before it got shelved. She also created another sitcom called Happily Divorced. The show premiered in June 2011 and got renewed for a second season. Currently, she plays a leading role in the TV series, Indebted.

Aside from TV and movies, Fran enjoyed doing broadway shows. She played for Rodgers and Cinderella and other off-broadway shows like Love, Loss, and What I Wore.

In 2000, Drescher had a cancer scare. She got diagnosed with uterine cancer and had hysterectomy right after. 

Sexy and Hot Fran Drescher Pictures