47 Sexy and Hot Felice Herrig Pictures

This fierce and sexy American athlete has only been active for a decade, but Felice Herrig has been making waves in the mixed martial arts industry. At five feet four inches, the celebrity might fool you with her small stature, but she can undoubtedly pin you to the floor in a move or two.

All athletics require a specific level of dedication and commitment, but all the more so for contact sports like kickboxing and Muay Thai. One can only imagine the effort and hours of training involved to participate in competitions and secure a win. Practicing these sports means Felice Herrig built her body to withstand attacks from all angles.

Her arm and leg muscles can make you faint on the ring, with her powerful attacks capable of securing a knockout. The hot celebrity has garnered numerous titles for her strength inside the ring, holding the Bantamweight title at the International Kickboxing Federation. She spent her first few years in the competitive circuit participating in kickboxing and Muay Thai events.

In 2009, the fierce superstar switched to mixed martial arts, joining the Ultimate Fighting Championship, a Nevada-based promotion for the contact sport. Unfortunately, she lost on her debut fight, facing Iman Achhal. 

However, Felice Herrig did not let her loss get the better of her. She has 14 wins on her mixed martial arts record, with one coming from a knockout and another four from obtaining submission from her opponent. Some of her competitors were Michele Gutierrez, Jessica Rakoczy, Amanda LaVoy, Barb Honchak, Andrea Miller, Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc, Carla Esparza, Patricia Vidonic, and Simona Soukupova. 

Her 2013 bout with Heather Clark had a heated ending, as the opponent punched her on the face even after the final bell has rung. Not one to be taken advantage of, Felice Herrig scored a punch of her own until the referees reestablished order inside the ring.

Apart from UFC, the American fighter signed deals with Invicta Fighting Championships and The Ultimate Fighter. The first was a promotion intended for female participants, while the latter was a reality series. Unfortunately, the tough female lost in the quarterfinals against Randa Markos.

The celebrity is active on social media, with nearly half a million followers on Instagram. She regularly updates fans with photos from daily life or behind the scenes. No matter what she wears, Felice Herrig showcases her trim and toned boobs and ass.

We look forward to seeing her back on the ring, and we can only hope she continues to increase her rank. Feel free to check out our collection of bikini photos of this fierce fighter.

Sexy and Hot Felice Herrig Pictures