60 Sexy and Hot Evangeline Lilly Pictures

Evangeline Lilly is one of the movie stars today active in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you saw “Avengers: Endgame” recently, the svelte figure of this sexy actress must have made your mouth open in awe. This is what you will experience going through hte collection of Sexy and Hot Evangeline Lilly Pictures below.

Evangeline is undoubtedly appealing and leaves the audiences captivated. It is no wonder that she made it to number 73 in the 2006 FHM Magazine’s list of the “100 Sexiest Women in the World.” A year after that, TV Guide voted Evangeline as the number-one sexiest female on TV.

This five feet and six inches tall, leggy movie star has a bewitching pair of green eyes that surely left film and TV producers star-struck. Plus, her hot body is undoubtedly a sight to see, making you want to have more time staring at her. Well, do not worry. We are here to give you more titillating photos of Evangeline.

Do you want to see her wearing a skimpy bikini that leaves nothing to the imagination? Well, you are on the right website! We have collected the best sizzling pictures of the Hollywood actress here. What is more, is that the images we are offering display her sizzling tight ass and perfect boobs all for your viewing pleasure.

But before we give you everything you want, you may want to know more about this ravishing showbiz personality. Evangeline’s real name is Nicole Evangeline Lilly. A native of Fort Saskatchewan, in Alberta, Canada, she is an actress who gained popularity for her first-ever leading role in “Lost.” Evangeline’s performance in this ABC series earned her a nomination for the best female actor in a drama series in the Golden Globes.

Also, TV critics found her performance in the drama TV series exemplary. Hence, they let her take home one Screen Actors Guild trophy.

The talented Canadian entertainer was a part of the cast of “The Hurt Locker.” This Oscar-winning 2008 war thriller drama movie featured her playing the character of Connie James. Furthermore, Evangeline starred alongside Hollywood A-lister Hugh Jackman in “Real Steel,” a science-fiction sports movie.

Fantasy-adventure movies like “The Hobbit” motion picture series also cast the prolific actress. Evangeline appeared in “The Battle of the Five Armies” and “The Desolation of Smaug.”

Then, in recent years, she has been a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s series of films. She has taken on the role of Wasp and Hope van Dyne in motion picture projects such as “Ant-Man,” “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” and “Avengers: Endgame.”

Aside from her acting career in Hollywood, Evangeline is also fond of storytelling for children. She has authored “The Squickerwonkers.” Since 2013, she has been working on this children’s book series. Furthermore, she plans for this book project to comprise two different sets of nine publications each.

Evangeline is fluent in French. Plus, she enjoys observing and experiencing the beauty of nature, painting, and reading. This fabulous actress is fond of taking long walks as well. Evangeline does sound like a fantastic person, doesn’t she?

Well, as promised, we are giving you a closer look at her sizzling body for your viewing pleasure. Here are the best hot pics of the lovely and multitalented Evangeline Lilly. Enjoy!

Sexy and Hot Evangeline Lilly Pictures

Sexy and Hot Evangeline Lilly Pictures
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