45 Sexy and Hot Eva Green Pictures

The stunning hot beauty of French actress Eva Green is phenomenal to a lot of her fans. Aside from her appearance, she also boasts a versatile acting style, which has given her many roles.

Hailing from Paris, France, Eva Green was born with her twin sister just minutes apart. According to Eva, her twin sister, Joy, is entirely different from her. While living in Paris, she enrolled in the American University of Paris, where she studied speaking the English Language.

She also went to several European countries at her young age, including Ireland and London. Her interest in acting started at the age of 14 when she has seen The Story of Adele H. At first, Eva’s mother is hesitant for the career she wanted to pursue.

Eva’s mother later accepted her endeavors to become an actress and let her enroll in St. Paul Drama School in Paris and Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London. She made progress, which has given her several stage play projects.

She finally made it on-screen in 2003 when she debuted in The Dreamers, a Bernardo Bertolucci film. Her popularity increased as an actress when she portrayed the Queen of Jerusalem in Kingdom of Heaven, which premiered in 2005.

In the next year, Green appeared in Casino Royale, a famous James Bond film that received international recognition. She played the role of Vesper Lynd.

That same year, she received a Rising Star Award that was given to her by BAFTA. After this, her focus shifted to independent films.

She appeared on some of them, in 2009, Cracks, the next year, Womb, and lastly, Perfect Sense, a film aired in 2011. Green also tried getting into TV when she appeared in Camelot, the same year of Perfect Sense’s premiere.

Green returned in the spotlight in 2012 on the film Dark Shadows. Two years later, she starred in the sequel of the hit movie 300, as Artemisia. In the same year, she received another role, Ava Lord, which she played on the sequel of Sin City.

Another nomination approached green when she appeared on the series Penny Dreadful.

In 2016, she received the lead role of Miss Peregrine in a Tim Burton film. The film received a lot of good feedback, especially from the fans.

At the time of writing, Green is supposed to appear in two more films, Euphoria, and D’après Une Histoire Vraie.

Eva Green never failed to show her perfect sexy side. She’s also open to wearing a bikini because of her fit body.

If you’re one of Eva Green’s fans, we’re here to serve you. Indulge in this beautiful collection of her ass and boobs photos that will surely leave a mark in your memory.

Sexy and Hot Eva Green Pictures

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