47 Sexy and Hot Erza Scarlet Pictures

As a young woman, Erza Scarlet is one of the most captivating ones you’ll ever see. Her scarlet hair, hence, her name, is not something you will easily miss.  

Erza Scarlet is a hot character in the manga anime series Fairy Tail, which is well-known for her beauty and badassery. She is a tall and gorgeous girl. Her notable features are her dark brown eyes and long scarlet hair. Erza Scarlet lost her right sight when she was still young. She now has one artificial eye. 

Erza Scarlet is also famous for her sexy and voluptuous body with shapely ass and boobs, although she doesn’t show all that in a bikini. Most of her outfits include black boots, a blue skirt, and an armor. 

Erza Scarlet is known for her strict characteristic, although she has a very protective nature as well. She is usually the one disapproving the bad habits and behavior of some of the members of her guild. Most of the people that know her are afraid that they might spark her wrath. One other notable characteristic of this female hero is her impatience. Erza Scarlet often dislikes people who are not quick to do her bidding or to answer her questions. 

She might be pretty, but Erza Scarlet has a mysterious aura, which is another reason that some of her guildmates avoid getting close to her. Most people call her socially awkward, something that may be caused by her tragic childhood. 

Despite all these, Erza Scarlet is a renowned member of her guild for all her positive attributes. She has an intense sense of pride and justice as a part of the Fairy Tail guild. Don’t let her beauty and innocent looks fool you. Erza Scarlet is as kind-hearted as she is brave. She is the kind of hero that would sacrifice everything she has to protect those who are close to her heart.

She can be a terrifying persona, causing most people to steer clear of her path, but Erza Scarlet is whom most of them rely on in times of need. She can be counted on anything and is warm and full of passion. 

Erza Scarlet is also full of warmth and kindness towards other people, especially to those she considers family. Sometimes, her kind heart towards others borders on self-deprecation. Even with her S-Class status, Erza Scarlet doesn’t view herself as better and more superior than other members of her guild. 

Although the hero enjoys getting into friendly competition and brawls, she isn’t one to fight with other people for the sake of fighting and making herself feel superior. Erza Scarlet’s main desire is only to protect her friends and those who are close to her.  

While she may be a little closed off, Erza Scarlet has some quirks like people her age. She can sometimes get wacky and has an obsession with jewelry and fashion. She also loves eating and can go into a rage when someone tries to interrupt her while eating.

Sexy and Hot Erza Scarlet Pictures