45 Sexy and Hot Erica Mena Pictures in her Bikini

Erica had been born and raised in the Bronx, New York City. Her mom and dad come from Puerto Rican & Dominican ancestry. Her dad was a drug smuggler, which led to her family, having to face a tough time.  Soon, the star’s h mom got coerced to smuggle drugs as well, for something that she led to her getting jailed. Her father physically harassed her and verbally abusive her until she was five years old; it all stopped when her mom got released from prison. Her eldest sibling was the one who decided to run their family home and raised Erica. The black beauty’s early years were filled with harsh conditions and had left a profound imprint on Mena’s attitude, as she got older and endured the hardships of the world.

 The industry of fame enamored the mixed beauty, and by the age of eight, she began to design outfits. She was interested in developing her skills within the arts as a kid. She gained her first positive perception when she ended up winning the MTV competition ‘Jenifer Lopez Look-Alike’ at 14 years old. Erica Mena was once also a ‘Dash Doll’ and was employed by Kourtney Kardashian to operate in their new and improved Dash-Miami retail shop as a sales assistant. Another example of her most known vixen jobs had been in the video ‘Fabulous Breath’ with the gorgeous Emily B. She got showcased along with many black artists such as Akon, Fat Joe, and Rich Dollaz in the music video. In addition to appearing in videos for rappers, she has also gotten featured in a handful of scenes of the reality show ‘Kourtney and Kim Take Miami’ throughout her early phases. Through the show, she got her first experience of reality tv shows and realized her capability in freedom of speech and expression that she can make a name for herself. It was here too that supporters first saw her sassy attitude.

To name a few, she famously got featured on the spreads of selected publications like   The Source, MAXIM KING, and XXL Magazine. She also got pictured in Tommy Hilfiger ‘s print publicity campaign and got sponsored by several big commercial brands, including Roca Wear and Loreal.  The beauty is prominently known for her work as a reality TV personality. Erica is an ex-model and current full-time mum. Mena is famous for her appearances in the Love & Hip-Hop show: New York, the flagship program of the popular VH1 franchise installment. She wrote the novels “Underneath It All” & “Chronicles of a Confirmed Bachelorette.”  The black-haired bombshell is also famous for her public feud with her ex-boyfriend, Rich Dollaz. Before that, she had been in a partnership with rapper Bow Wow. The couple met on the program 106 & Park.

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Sexy and Hot Erica Mena Pictures