60 Sexy and Hot Emmy Rossum Pictures

When you browse our Sexy and Hot Emmy Rossum Pictures posted below, you will appreciate her charm and sensual appearance.

Best known for her portrayal of Christine Daaé in The Phantom of the Opera, the sexy Emmy Rossum is still garnering success up to this date. Fans exceptionally loved her versatility and ability to go beyond her capabilities.

Emmy is born to a single mother, Cheryl Rossum, in New York City. She grew up with her mother alone because of her parents’ separation.

At the early age of 7, Rossum is already capable of singing “Happy Birthday” in different keys. It gave way to her entrance to the Opera Children’s Chorus. She stayed on stage until she was 12.

She also had the opportunity to meet and perform with great singers, including the renowned Luciano Pavarotti and Plácido Domingo.

Her interest in theater plays and acting, in particular, will push her to enroll in Flo Salant Greenberg of The New Actors Workshop.

In 1997, As the World Turns became Rossum’s TV debut, which is a soap opera that airs in the morning. She got more projects in the following years, including the TV film Genius, which is also the reason for her 1999 Young Artist Award.

In 2000, she finally was able to secure a leading role with ABC, portraying a young version of Audrey Hepburn in the TV movie The Audrey Hepburn Story.

In the same year also marked her debut on the silver screens when she starred on Songcatcher as the orphan Deladis Slocumb. The film also received critical acclaim, as well as a Special Jury Award.

2003 has also been excellent to Rossum, where she starred in two different movies. The first one being Nola, and second, her most prominent film appearance yet was in the Mystic River.

In 2004, two significant breakthroughs happened to her; the first one is her inclusion in the cast of The Day After Tomorrow. The other one was an opportunity to audition for an on-screen adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera.

She finally got the role of Christine Daaé. The musical film also gave her a nomination for Best Actress in the Golden Globe Awards.

Throughout the decade, the hot Emma Rossum continued to accept projects, both TV series and films. Some of her works paid off through awards and nominations, which made her an in-demand actress.

Aside from showing off her perfect bikini body on-screen, Rossum also has an impressive music career whose roots are from her portrayal of Christine Daaé in The Phantom of the Opera. She released several albums, singles, and EPs. Aside from that, she also was able to perform with several bands and artists; the most notable one is her collaboration with Counting Crows.

Emma Rossum’s young and captivating aura, paired with her great features like her boobs, enables her to pull off many acting roles easily. We have something for her fans who wants to see more of her. We celebrate the beauty of Rossum with these brilliant photos, which include quality shots of her ass and her well-maintained figure.

Sexy and Hot Emmy Rossum Pictures

Sexy and Hot Emmy Rossum Pictures
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