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Born in Montreal, Emmanuelle Chriqui always wanted to become an actress. Through her talent and hard work over the years, she became a successful one. Below, you will find the finest, Sexy and Hot Emmanuelle Chriqui Pictures we have curated for your viewing pleasure.

When she was still a couple of years old, Emmanuelle Chriqui started taking acting classes. When she was 10, she landed a part in a McDonald’s TV commercial. Emmanuelle Chriqui also went to Unionville High School and attended its drama program. She later moved to Vancouver from Toronto after graduation to get closer to auditions.

However, the actress first waited tables to support herself before getting a break in show business. In 1990, she was a guest in the television series “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” and her career started to build from there.

In 1992, Emmanuelle Chriqui landed a role in Forever Knight. She was also in the films Chronicles of the Paranormal and Once a Thief in 1996. 

Her next appearance came after earning a part in Detroit Rock City in 1999, which opened her career in Hollywood. She also filmed a couple of episodes for the TV series Manchester Prep that same year. Unfortunately, the show never aired. The filmed episodes later turned into the 2000 movie Cruel Intention 2. However, the scenes where the actress appeared never gotten into the big screen, although she was in the trailer.

Fortunately, the acting career of the actress continued. In 2000, she landed a role in the film Snow Day. Playing the character of the sexy Claire Bonner in the movie was her breakout performance. 

Emmanuelle Chriqui later starred in other movies. She appeared in the film 100 Girls in 2000, which earned her the best actress award from DVD Exclusive Award.

Although she doesn’t bare her boobs and ass, Emmanuelle Chriqui is still one of the sexiest women in the world. That is according to the Stuff magazine in 2002. The actress is gorgeous with an impressive body, which is noticeable if you look at some of her bikini photos. 

Aside from her unquestionable beauty, Emmanuelle Chriqui continued to be one of the famous faces in Hollywood as well. In 2004, she appeared in hit HBO TV show Entourage to play the character of Sloan.  

The following year, Emmanuelle Chriqui also landed the leading role for the movie Adam and Eve, where she played opposite Cameron Douglas. The actress got another starring part in 2008. She worked alongside Adam Sandler in the film You Don’t Mess with the Zohan.

FHM named the actress as one of the sexiest girls that year as well. Emmanuelle Chriqui was also one of the most desirable women, according to Ask Men in 2010.

However, Emmanuelle Chriqui is not only a hot woman, but she’s also a talented actress, and her years in the industry proves that. 

Sexy and Hot Emmanuelle Chriqui Pictures

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