60 Sexy and Hot Emma Stone Pictures

Without a doubt, Emma Stone is one of the most talented actresses of her generation. Some of her famous movies include the superhero reboot The Amazing Spiderman movie series, the romantic musical La La Land, and the comedy film Zombieland. Here are some facts you probably did not know about this gorgeous Hollywood star.

She is a natural blonde. Emma Stone looks amazingly hot as a brunette or redhead that it is hard to imagine her with different hair colors. She dyed her hair to heed the advice of director Judd Apatow. Who would have thought she would rock the look so well?

She started in musical theater. We know she is naturally funny and has the acting chops, but Emma Stone began her career by joining youth productions in her home state of Arizona. She had several failed auditions for Nickelodeon and Disney Channel until her feature film debut.

She has a tattoo of bird feet on her wrist. Emma Stone got matching symbols with her mom to celebrate the latter’s recovery from breast cancer. Since their favorite song was Blackbird by The Beatles, she wrote a letter for songwriter Paul McCartney to draw the image.

She is a style icon. Emma Stone has won numerous praises for her appearances on and off the red carpet. With her distinctive hair and eyes, she comes across sophisticated and put-together all the time. Fans and media alike always look forward to her outfits during awards season. She does not show much skin, but her silhouette flawlessly displays her assets, such as her fine ass!

She appeared in several top women lists. Dubbed as the cool girl, Emma Stone presents herself as relatable, effortless, and charming. You will be hard-pressed to find her in official bikini photo shoots, yet her name comes up in FHM and Maxim magazine’s lists for hottest women. Her breakout role in Easy A proves that this starlet has what it takes to be sexy in her way.

She is engaged. She has been dating SNL segment director Dave McCary since 2017 and got engaged in December 2019. This detail might be shocking to fans who have been hoping for her to get back with Andrew Garfield. After all, they were in a relationship for seven years! Alas, only time will tell.

She persuaded the director to let her go topless. In one steamy scene for ‘The Favourite,’ she had to convince director Yorgos Lanthimos to bare her boobs to make it more intense. Talk about dedication! She is friends with Jennifer Lawrence. Fans of the pair were excited to find out that these two share a close relationship. Lawrence even described Stone as the love of her life in one interview.

Sexy and Hot Emma Stone Pictures

Sexy and Hot Emma Stone Pictures
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