40 Sexy and Hot Emily VanCamp Pictures

By looking at the Sexy and Hot Emily VanCamp Pictures below, you probably become curious to know who this girl is. With her girl-next-door and classy looks, she has the face that every guy will dream of at night. Find out more about Emily, as you browse through her photos that will show her hotness. 

Emily Irene VanCamp was from Port Perry, Ontario, who was born on May 12, 1986. Her father was an animal nutritionist. She has three sisters and speaks fluent French, which is hot. 

As a child, Emily had wanted to become a dancer. She discovered this passion when she was only three years old. Emily encouraged her parents to allow her to train in Montreal one summer at 11. 

She attended the Ecole Superieure de Ballet du Quebec when she was 12 and lived with a French-Canadian family. For this reason, she became a trained dancer in tap, jazz, ballet, and hip-hop. Emily said that her dancing skills helped her in the battle scenes in the Revenge series. 

Her first job was with her father. She used to deliver food to the clients around town. 

Her interest in acting began when she visited her sister, Kate, in the Ladies Room set. For this reason, she attended acting workshops in the afternoon of Saturdays. Luckily, she found an agent who would help her land roles. 

Seeing her in a bikini, you know that she would make it in the industry. At first, like everybody else, she appeared on minor roles and commercials. She became one of the casts of Are You Afraid of the Dark. 

She also appeared in the film Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis as the teenage version of the lead character and as a guest on Radio Active. 

Her breakthrough role came in when she was 15 years old. She became a part of the third series of Dawson’s Creek, Glory Days. However, the series aired for only nine episodes because of the drop in the ratings. This role opened an opportunity for her because the Dawson’s Creek writer noticed her and cast her in Everwood, where she garnered several awards.

The awards she received from the Everwood film are one Young Artist Awards and four Teen Choice Awards. On the Everwood breaks, she busted her ass filming for other projects, which include A Different Loyalty, No Good Deed, and Rings. 

She also starred for various roles for films and movies, which include Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Carter / Agent 13, and more upcoming projects. 

She married her co-star Josh Browman in 2018. He was her co-star in the Revenge series. 

Even without seeing her boobs, she has the appeal and talent of a star, which landed her successful roles in films and TV shows. 

Sexy and Hot Emily VanCamp Pictures