41 Sexy and Hot Emily Browning Pictures

This sexy actress first had her taste of fame in the Australian family TV movie, The Echo of Thunder. Hallmark Channel produced the film, and as such, CBS showed it to American viewers through the Hallmark Hall of Fame.

Emily Browning had then appeared on a few more series on Australian TV, specifically on children’s shows High Flyers and Thunderstone and police drama Blue Heelers. She also had a small part on the award-winning soap opera Something in the Air.

The hot star gained more prominence in Hollywood with her portrayal of the eldest Baudelaire sibling, Violet, in the 2004 dark comedy movie, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. The film received positive reviews from critics; however, though there were plans of a film franchise like the Harry Potter series, the film studios never got around to finishing the projects. Netflix released three seasons, which covered the entire novel series.

Emily Browning played the starring role in the 2011 action fantasy movie Sucker Punch. Though the film received criticism, her character Babydoll, has been the object of many cosplay events. The movie itself also has achieved a small cult following.

The gorgeous lady had a more daring role in the erotic drama Sleeping Beauty. The character had to lay in bed next to older men who paid for her company. As a result, Emily Browning had to bare her boobs and ass for this film. She also wore lacy lingerie reminiscent of a bikini. Though Emily Browning admits that the screenplay made her uncomfortable, she was at ease with her body and did not think nudity was a big deal.

With this kind of mindset, the actress had another topless scene in the fantasy drama series American Gods. Based on Neil Gaiman’s novel, the show explores the concept of Old and New Gods, battling it out in a hidden world where magic is real. Emily Browning has a leading role as the wife of Shadow Moon. The show has already received a go-signal for the fourth season. We cannot wait to see what this young actress will show us!

The actress has a net worth of 8 million U.S. dollars. Her life away from the camera is entirely private, and Emily Browning has made her aversion to the Hollywood scene evident. She is selective about the roles to take, as she believes acting is about working out of one’s comfort zone.

The Australian celebrity has stayed away from large production companies and has opted to work on smaller independent films. Her last movie on the silver screen was 2017’s Golden Exits, which deals with relationships and social constraints. Wherever it is, we look forward to seeing this beautiful woman’s next big project.

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