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Emily Blunt is a sexy British-American actress who raked many awards and accolades in her career. It is undeniable that Blunt is a strong woman who overcomes her struggles through acting.

Born in Wandsworth, London, Blunt grew up with her three siblings and parents for the rest of her childhood. Her love for acting emerged when she was 14, the time where she also experienced stuttering.

Through her academic pursuits, Blunt did her best to polish her skills in acting. While in college, she finally got the break she was expecting for long, when a talent scout discovered her.

Her debut as an actress happened as early as 2001 in The Royal Family, a stage play production. After two years, she appeared once again on-screen in a telefilm titled Boudica. That same year, she played as Queen Catherine in Henry VIII, which only lasted for a while.

Her silver screen debut came in 2004 in the film My Summer of Love. Two years later, she came back to make a telefilm, Gideon’s Daughter, which also helped Blunt to boost her popularity. She earned a Best Supporting Actress award for her exceptional performance on the BBC film.

In 2006, Blunt also appeared in the comedy film The Devil Wears Prada. The movie also features several drama elements that made it famous at that time.

She continued advancing her career and accepted many acting roles in the next years. She appeared in The Young Victoria, a 2009 film, Salmon Fishing in Yemen, a 2011 rom-com film, and The Adjustment Bureau, which also premiered in 2011.

Blunt appeared on more sci-fi themed films including 2012’s Looper, and co-starring with Tom Cruise in 2014’s The Edge of Tomorrow.

The hot actress never stopped her streak, and in 2014, she also tried musical when she appeared in Into the Woods. Upon knowing that she’s capable of handling this genre too, Blunt starred in Mary Poppins Returns, which premiered in 2018.

Some of her notable and acclaimed performances happened between 2015-2020. Her first one occurred in 2015 when she appeared in Sicario as an FBI agent. The next year, Blunt gave her best to star in The Girl on the Train.

Perhaps, her most iconic character up to date is the lead role for 2018’s A Quiet Place. The film also enabled her to receive a nomination for the Best Actress award to be given by BAFTA.

In her decades of acting experience, Emily Blunt never failed to amuse her audience. Despite being 37, Blunt still has a bikini perfect body that would make any men’s jaw drop.

We collected several of her best and updated photos to pay homage to Blunt’s exceptional career and ideal figure. Dig into our gallery to find more of her ass and boobs photos in high-quality.

Sexy and Hot Emily Blunt Pictures

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