47 Sexy and Hot Elsa Pictures

When Walt Disney Pictures released the musical fantasy movie Frozen in 2013, its 53rd animated feature film, it was indeed a box-office success. Shortly, Frozen took over the world. No one in the world hasn’t heard of Frozen, or Elsa, or Anna, or Olaf, or hasn’t belted out the song Let It Go.  

Since its release, the movie gained unsurmountable success. The movie earned over 1.2 billion dollars worldwide and quickly became the highest-grossing animated film and the fifth highest-grossing movie in history. Not to mention, Frozen also received countless nominations and awards, including over a million album sales, excluding the views and streams.

The success of the film transcends the commercial domain. Elsa, along with other characters in the movie, became a famous character for little girls worldwide. People all over the world started singing her song, from children to older ones.

The movie’s success opened the popularity of Elsa’s character, the star in the film. Born during the winter solstice when the aurora borealis lit up the sky in Arendelle and covered the village with ice crystals, Elsa got special powers. As she grew older, Elsa discovered that she could create snow and ice.

The young princess often used her skills when she and her younger sister, Anna, are playing inside the castle. Unfortunately, her powers weren’t all that great as it caused an accident with her overenthusiastic younger sister. 

Later on, the sisters who were once the best of friends had to live in separate quarters, also causing the castle gates to close from the public. Through the years, Elsa got hidden from the world as she tries to control her magical powers.

The untimely death of her parents led Elsa to be the queen of the kingdom. She had to embrace the responsibilities of being the eldest daughter. Her power was a constant warning. Later on, Elsa left the palace and settled in North Mountain, where she built an ice castle fitting of her magic. 

The story continues, and Elsa became one, if not the most famous fantasy character worldwide. During costume parties, you’ll see tons of kids donning the signature pale and glittery blue gown of the queen, along with her long, blond, and braided mane. It’s a kid-friendly movie, so you won’t see Elsa baring her ass and boobs in a sexy bikini in any scene.

In the story, Elsa is famous for her reserved exterior, which sometimes borders on icy for those who don’t know her. Her magical powers made her insecure and unsure of herself, especially when she can see how she could hurt innocent people.

Elsa’s winter magic is usually dependent on her mood and her emotions. Although her power can be unstable at times, they are incredibly potent. When she feels fear or anger, her magic can be very tragic, although she has complete control over it when she feels love and calmness.

Meanwhile, check out some hot photos of the worldwide famous icy fantasy queen.

Sexy and Hot Elsa Pictures