40 Sexy and Hot Ellie Kemper Pictures

Ellie Kemper proves that her boobs and ass are not the only parts of her body that is hot. Aside from wearing a bikini, Ellie Kemper’s smile and her jokes are what make her the hottest female comedian. Our compilation of photos will tell you that Ellie Kemper will not only dumbstruck you with her hotness, but also with her wit.

Comedian and actress Ellie Kemper, or Elizabeth Claire Kemper, is born and raised in Missouri. She was born on May 2, 1980, to parents Dorothy Ann and David Woods Kemper. Born with a silver platter, Ellie and her three siblings remain a Roman Catholic.

When their family moved to St. Louis, she attended her high school in John Burroughs School, where her love for comedy and theatre developed. She then graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English at Princeton University in 2002.

While in Princeton, Kemper joined an improve group called Quipfire!, and had her Screen Actors Guild card after a commercial she did at Kmart. She then appeared regularly at the Late Night with Conan O’Brien and later on the television show called The Gastineau Girls. That was what she described as her breakout role.

When Kemper moved to the Big Apple, she participated in a couple of improving theatres. Until in 2009, she got named one of 10 Comics to Watch by the People’s Magazine. However, in 2007, she became famous on the internet when a video from the popular site CollegeHumor of her going to perform oral sex on her pretend boyfriend. The two-minute video was not something that Kemper was proud of as she tells that it is not that funny, and she doesn’t want it to be the embodiment of what she does. 

Kemper then got the role of Erin Hannon in the television series called The Office, where she became a regular in the sixth season. The original personality of the character, Erin Hannon, was dry and sarcastic. However, the writers of the show changed it and made it be more like Kemper. Kemper was then highly praised for her performance on the show.

If you are an avid Netflix fan, then you might have stumbled upon the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The series starred none other than Ellie Kemper herself and premiered on Netflix in March 2015. The original comedy series had four seasons and revealed to have an interactive-special set this year, 2020. 

Ellie Kemper had proved that she does not need to be in a bikini to be as hot as other actresses when she landed with her now-husband, Michael Koman. They now have two sons.

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