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This beautiful American actress’s career lasted for almost five decades, and her impressive resume boasts of numerous television films and series. Let us take a quick look back at the inspiring life of Elizabeth Montgomery. This will be followed by our set og Sexy and Hot Elizabeth Montgomery Pictures.

The sexy celebrity comes from a family of entertainers. Her mother is Elizabeth Daniel Bryan, a Broadway actress. Her father is actor and producer Robert Montgomery. Her maternal aunt is Martha Bryan Allen, a stage actress. She had two other siblings, Martha Bryan and Robert Jr.

Elizabeth Montgomery’s first appearance on television is on her father’s series. She turned up in a total of 30 episodes in the drama show Robert Montgomery Presents. She then had recurring roles in the anthology dramas Armstrong Circle Theatre, Kraft Television Theatre, Appointment with Adventure, and Studio One. She also showed up in two episodes of the detective series Burke’s Law.

Her most prominent character is Samantha Stephens in the fantasy sitcom Bewitched. The story revolves around a hot witch who married an ordinary human and tries to lead a regular life as a housewife. The show was insanely popular throughout its first five seasons. The well-liked series spawned crossovers, an animated series, a spinoff series, a movie, comic adaptations, and television remakes. Several networks also have plans to create a reboot of the series.

One of her trademark actions is the nose twitch, which usually comes before an act of magic. Surprisingly, the facial reaction was a real-life tick of the actress. The director noticed this impulse, and he decided to incorporate it into her character.

Apart from acting on television, Elizabeth Montgomery also took to the stage, following her mother’s footsteps. Her stage credits include Late Love, The Loud Red Patrick, and Love Letters. She even won a Theater World Award for the first production!

Elizabeth Montgomery involved herself in various political and charitable causes. She was one of the early advocates of gay rights, as well as AIDS activism. The beautiful actress volunteered for Learning Ally to produce accessible audiobooks for disabled people.

With a gorgeous pair of boobs and ass, Elizabeth Montgomery was the living fantasy of every man she met. She enchanted some of Hollywood’s best leading men, like Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, and Gary Cooper. But the desirable actress seemed to prefer older men, and this detail almost always resulted in troubled love life.

Elizabeth Montgomery had four marriages, three of which were quite short-lived. Her last relationship was with actor Robert Foxworth. Though the marriage only lasted two years, they had been living together for almost 20 years before her death.

Indeed, this classic blonde is one of Hollywood’s legends. Browse through our collection of sizzling bikini pictures and remember her life through these images.

Sexy and Hot Elizabeth Montgomery Pictures