42 Sexy and Hot Elizabeth Lail Pictures

She may be a newbie to the showbiz industry, but Elizabeth Lail will surely captivate our souls with her gorgeous smile and hot body. The “Once Upon a Time” actress still looked sexy in her Frozen costume. The costume even accentuated her bikini body because of the corset. If you’re intrigued, scan through our compilation of Elizabeth Lail photos.

Her family welcomed Elizabeth Dean Lail on March 23, 1992, in the County of Williamson, Texas. However, Elizabeth’s childhood was mostly in North Carolina, where she also attended college and graduated in 2014. She went to the School of the Arts at the University of North Carolina, where she spent most of her days joining acting classes and plays.

After graduation, Elizabeth went to New York to find a theatre acting gig. However, her theatre dreams put on hold when she got the spot in the TV series, Once Upon a Time. She portrayed the character of Anna in the fourth season of the show, where she became a recurring role. Lail appeared for 11 episodes, which premiered in September 2014. Her last episode was in May 2015, which was also the end of the fourth season.

After her appearance in Once Upon a Time, Lail had a couple of months of rest before she starred in the horror series, Dead of Summer. Freedom aired the series after it got turned over by ABC. The creators, along with Adam Horowitz, created the series to be in the 1980s. The story surrounded in the summer camp. The series was supposed to be an anthology.

The premiere of the show was on June 28, 2016, and Elizabeth’s character appeared in the first episode. Her role was Amy Hughes, a newbie camp counselor in the summer camp. She performed for ten episodes until the end of the season on August 30, 2016.

Although Elizabeth’s dream of performing in theatres is still on hold, her acting career in television was pouring. After her horror series, Lail appeared in another crime-thriller TV series called The Blacklist. She portrayed the character Natalie Luca in the episode, Natalie Luca, on the fourth season of the series.

Elizabeth had a couple of months to rest before she started to work again. Then, in 2008, she appeared in the web series The Good Fight. Lail portrayed Emily Chapin in the episode, Day 478. Later in the same year, she appeared in the film called Unintended, as Lea. 

Her most prominent role, by far, is her leading role in the Netflix original series called You. Her character, Guinevere Beck, is the love interest of the male main character, Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley. 

Lail portrayed a charming yet, daring role for the character, captivating Joe’s heart with every move she makes. Although Lail had a couple of nude scenes on the series, it did not reveal her boobs or her ass.