60 Sexy and Hot Elizabeth Hurley Pictures

Estée Lauder’s Elizabeth Hurley still has her everlasting hot body at the age of 54. Both an actress and a model, Hurley had a satisfying and long-running public career.

Hurley grew up in Basingstoke, Hampshire, with her two siblings and parents. As a young girl, she already aspired to become a dancer. Her parents are aware of this; that’s why they supported Hurley by enrolling her in dancing classes.

She later transitioned into theater acting when she moved to London Studio Centre.

Half of Hurley’s life went to modeling, fashion, and cosmetics. Estée Lauder offered her to become their spokesperson, and at the age of 29, she had her first modeling project. Before accepting this one, however, she doesn’t know anything yet about the industry.

For more than five years, Hurley became the face of Estée Lauder, modeling countless of their fragrances. She later stepped down in 2001, but Hurley still managed to keep in touch with the company.

After landing more modeling and endorsement projects, Hurley finally made a move and established Elizabeth Hurley Beach, a clothing line that focuses more on beach attires.

In 2008, she worked for MANGO and designed some swimsuits for them, which she also modeled.

Before stepping into the modeling and clothing industry, Hurley is also famous for appearing in several films. Her first one happened in 1987; a film called Aria.

After starring in more movies, in 1997, Hurley received an award for her performance in Austin Powers International Man of Mystery.

Hurley has also tried acting on television before, and her earliest one is her portrayal of the lead character in Christabel. In the early 2000s, she’s also involved in the series The Human Face.

She tried hosting, and her first one being Sky 1’s Project Catwalk. The series aired in 2006, and it only lasted after a few episodes from its pilot because of poor ratings and viewership.

Hurley later reappeared in 2011 when she got a role for Wonder Woman, NBC’s take of DC’s classic superhero. Here, she played as Veronica Cale, who is a villain. The series then faced a cancellation for several reasons.

That same year, she appeared on Gossip Girl’s Season 5 as Diana Payne. In this show, Hurley is supposed to act sexy and independent, which she nailed quickly.

Her latest TV appearance as of the time of writing is The Royals, a 2015 series where she performed as Queen Helena.

With her keen eye for fashion, Hurley became a staple fashion and modeling icon in the early to mid-2000s. Her ability to make her beach clothing line is also something unusual.

At the age of 54, Hurley would still be able to wear a bikini and model it effortlessly. Her impressive record and great body make her more than just a personality. We collected some of her throwback photos along with recent ones to please her fans. You can find more of her ass and boobs photos in our personally evaluated gallery.

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