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Famous for her revolutionary breakthrough at such as young age, Elizabeth Holmes became one of the youngest and most recognized names in the world. 

Elizabeth Holmes is the infamous founder of Theranos, once touted as the revolutionary drug testing company, which she started when she was only 19. During her breakout years, one of the things that made Elizabeth Holmes extremely popular, aside from her success, was her odd and mysterious way of life.

The world knows very little about the founder of Theranos. She was born Elizabeth Anne Holmes in Washington on February 3, 1984. When she was a little girl, Elizabeth Holmes reportedly sent her father a letter saying that what she wanted to do with her life was to build something humankind hasn’t ever seen before.

She went to high school in St. Johns School, where she was a distance runner in the track team, although most of her classmates describe Elizabeth Holmes as detached. Elizabeth Holmes took chemical engineering in Standford, although the billionaire dropped out even before her sophomore year.

No one knew about Elizabeth Holmes until she graced the 2014 cover of Forbes Magazine. She was part of the Forbes 400 list at number 110. Elizabeth Homes also topped the 2015 list of self-made women by the magazine. Her net worth by them was around $4.7 billion, thanks to her company, Theranos. 

The world suddenly became intrigued by this breakout billionaire. Features of Elizabeth Holmes, her life, and her success, started coming out. 

Elizabeth Holmes is known to be notoriously secretive, which is not surprising that not everyone knew of her until she was on the cover of Forbes. The world also got intrigued by her lifestyle. According to features about her, Elizabeth Holmes spends most of her hours at her office and building her empire. She doesn’t own a TV at home and doesn’t do things that people her age does. Elizabeth Holmes also doesn’t tale caffeine and has a strict limit to her sleeping time.

The billionaire also never takes day-offs and works seven days a week. You won’t see Elizabeth Holmes donning a sexy bikini while she shows her shapely ass and boobs on the beach. Her attire is mostly black cotton turtleneck matched with a black suit.

Elizabeth Holmes spent 11 years building her company from the ground up. However, the massive splash of success that she gained came to a downfall when her company got accused of giving inaccurate test results.

Elizabeth Holmes’ net worth, which was once in billions, went down to zero, according to Forbes, as she got investigated by the SEC, DOJ, and the FBI for fraud. In 2018, Theranos officially closed.

Since then, there have been various books and features that breathlessly chronicled the rise and collapse of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes. Currently, she continues to wait for her trials.

Meanwhile, check out the photos of Elizabeth Holmes, one of the hot topics in the industry, since her rapid rise and fall from her billion-dollar empire.

Sexy and Hot Elizabeth Holmes Pictures

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