44 Sexy and Hot Elizabeth Gillies Pictures

“Victorious” may be the first word to come in mind when you think about the sexy American actress Elizabeth Gillies. At an impressively young age of 15, she was also able to perform in America’s most esteemed theater center, Broadway.

We made sure that Gillies’ fans wouldn’t face deprivation of her bikini pictures; that’s why we included a lot of them in our collection. But first, it is best to get to know the stunning actress behind the hit TV shows.

Elizabeth Gillies was the only child when she was born in Haworth, New Jersey. Three years later, the Gillies family received yet another blessing, a younger brother. She grew up together with her family and had a very early passion for acting.

Starting at the age of 12, Gillies made it a lot easier to appear in castings and auditions. Her perseverance bore a lot of fruit, especially for her successful commercial acting tests.

While Gillies has been studying correctly, she still made a decision that will forever change her life. While even in her freshman year, she decided to leave school and consider acting as a professional career.

At the age of 15, Gillies was finally able to debut in Broadway in a musical play titled 13. Afterward, in the year 2007, she made another debut, but now on-screen, in the series The Black Donnellys 

Her first acting role happened when she played a character in Victorious, a Nickelodeon series that is for the pre-teen and teen demographic. The show lasted for three years, which allowed Gillies to star on more roles.

Gillies showed a different side on her next project, always appearing as hot in FX’s Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. The comedy TV show lasted for a year and failed to renew for another season.

Gillies is credited for appearing in Dynasty, a reboot of a past series, and was made possible by CW.

Gillies has also auditioned in several telefilms, including Animal, a 2014 film falling the horror genre, Killing Daddy the same year as the former, and two comedy films, Vacation, aired in 2015, and Arizona, which premiered in 2018.

Aside from acting, Gillies is also capable of singing, which she did on her show, Victorious. Her debut single, “Give it Up,” is a collaboration with the now-famous Ariana Grande, in 2011.

Most of Gillies’ singles that exists up to this date are for Victorious’ soundtrack album. She also performed some of her songs with her co-star, Victoria Justice.

Elizabeth Gillies is a promising actress that is due to do more things than her acting experience. This hottie is also capable of implementing more sexiness in her roles when she needs too.

Her big boobs, paired with her exquisite ass, is sure a delightful sight, that’s why we’re here to compile the best photos of Gillies that are available on the internet.

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