60 Sexy and Hot Elizabeth Banks Pictures

Elizabeth Banks was the daughter of Ann Wallace and Mark Mitchell. Her real name is Elizabeth Mitchell. Her birthplace was Pittsfield, Berkshires, Massachusetts. She turned 46 years old last February 10.

Elizabeth Banks graduated with the second highest honors in undergraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania. After university graduation, Banks accepted and finished an Advanced Training Program in American Conservatory Theater.

Elizabeth Banks moved to New York so she could work in the theater. While working on theater, she started auditioning for small roles. Unsatisfied with her ongoing progress, Elizabeth went to live in Los Angeles. Her fate was similar. She landed supporting roles on the big screen and television. During this time, Elizabeth had to change her screen name to Banks to avoid confusion with another actress with the same name as her real name.

In 2002, Elizabeth Banks got her big break in the silver screen. She landed the role of Sam Raimi’s secretary. After her successful portrayal of the character, Elizabeth starred in small supporting characters such as Swept Away, Catch Me if You Can, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Seabiscuit. Elizabeth Banks got numerous nominations and won some awards. These awards include the Exciting New Face Award.

Elizabeth is a sexy American actress with a hot bikini body. During her years in the showbiz, she’s one of the actresses admired for her beauty. Many fans compare her to Audrey Hepburn. Well, what can you say? Finally, the world noticed her talent and her beauty.

In 2008, Elizabeth got a leading role in Zack and Miri Make a Porno and a biopic with a title George W. Bush. Aside from films, she also got lucky on television.

Elizabeth became a regular name in Scrubs. In 2010, she appeared in 30 Rock. Initially, Elizabeth would only appear in four episodes. However, the positive response from the audience brought back Elizabeth into the show for two seasons. Her performance earned her Emmy nominations.

Her recent project included the Pitch Perfect 1 & 2 and The Hunger Games series. In The Hunger Games, Elizabeth played the role of Effie Trinket. While playing some roles in film and television, she tried her hand in producing. She became one of the producers in the second installment of Pitch Perfect.

Do you know Max Handelman courted Banks for nearly eleven years before they tied the knot? Indeed, Banks and Handelman are just two of the few people who dated that long. We hope their marriage lasts long, too. Elizabeth Banks possesses a great body with perfect ass and boobs. Despite her outer appearance, she struggled in conceiving. Yet, her reproductive defect didn’t stop her from having her children. Elizabeth and Max decided to have their children by gestational surrogacy.

Sexy and Hot Elizabeth Banks Pictures

Sexy and Hot Elizabeth Banks Pictures
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