50 Sexy and Hot Eliza Taylor Pictures

Here are the hottest pictures of Eliza Taylor to complete your day. While getting to know her through her early life, career, and personal life, take a glimpse of her gorgeousness in this collection of photos. This photo gallery will take you on a ride showcasing her undeniably sexy body. Curated to show Eliza’s captivating natural beauty, this image collection will leave you wanting for more. So who is Eliza Taylor? 

If you’re a fan of the Australian TV drama series Neighbors (1985), then you’ll quickly know who Janae Timmins is. Know for her performance as Clarke in the hit CW drama series called The 100 (2014); she is the famous Australian actress Eliza Taylor. She was born in Melbourne, Australia, with her siblings. When her parents divorced, her mother, who is a graphic designer, took custody of her together with her comedian step-father. Her biological father, on the other hand, used to be own a cafĂ© in Melbourne. The aspiring marine biologist eventually began to take part in several drama activities, which sparked her interest in acting.

Eliza Jane Taylor-Cotter started her acting career in the Australian TV series Pirate Island (2003). She is well known for her performance as Janae Timmins in the Neighbors (1985). Later in her career, she appeared in several Australian TV series such as The Sleepover Club (2002), Blue Water High (2005), All Saints (2009), City Homicide (2007), Mr & Mrs. Murder (2013), and many more.

She is married to the actor Bob Morley. But being an incredibly hot and attractive woman, she was linked to multiple men. Rumor has it that Lincoln Lewis used to date Eliza Taylor, but there was no proof. Brett Tucker, a handsome hunk, was also rumored to be linked with her, but the allegations were not proven. She is active on social media, with 1.9M followers on Instagram, and Twitter with 657.4K followers.

Eliza Taylor is a stunning beauty from the land down under; her blue eyes and her blonde hair is enough to drive you crazy. Her vitals statistics are impressive: 38 inches on the breasts, 27 inches on the waist, and 35 inches on the hips. With this kind of body, she would look sensational in a bikini; her ass and her boobs complement each other to form a curvaceous figure fit for a lovely woman such as Eliza Taylor. With such attractiveness level, any sane man will take the opportunity to meet her, and at some point, impress her. But she’s married, so the chances are as little to none. Make a point to observe, appreciate, and experience the goddess that is Eliza Taylor.

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