46 Sexy and Hot Eline Powell Pictures

Like her famous role in the movie, Eline Powell also has the beauty of a siren. As much as she is a talented actress, Eline Powell is also an undeniably hot woman. Check out some of her bikini photos on her social media pages, and you’ll get a glimpse of this stunning Belgian beauty.

Before she rose to fame, take a look at the early life of this siren. Born in 1990 in Belgium, her real name is Eline Pauwels. She comes from a renowned family. The actress’s father is famous in the medical industry as a pharmacologist who launched various biotech companies, such as Vicro and Tibotec. These companies are huge influences in controlling the spread and effects of HIV.

However, the young Eline Powell didn’t follow in her father’s profession. Instead, she developed a love for acting since she was a little girl. During her high school years, the actress was an enthusiastic part of the theater group in her school and appeared in several productions. It was a steppingstone for the actress to pursue acting school later on.

She joined the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London to home her acting skills. There, she also mastered various skills, especially in dancing, Eline Powell is a multi-talented actress and knows how to play the violin. She also sings and studies Flamenco, hip hop, and ballet. More than that, the actress is also proficient in different languages, such as English, French, and Dutch. She can also do various accents from Estuary, Irish, and both North and South American.

Her first on-screen debut was in For Elsie, a short student movie. Her performance was remarkable, earning her a couple of awards from the Student Academy and Beijing Student Film Festival. 

In 2012, Eline Powell landed a minor role in the Quartet. Two years later, she got the leading part for the Italian drama movie Anita B., which earned her massive success. The actress got names as the breakout star in 2014. 

Slowly but surely, Eline Powell started to get more promising roles on-screen. In 2016, she joined the cast of the hit series Game of Thrones for its sixth season. The actress played the character of Bianca and appeared in two episodes of the show. That same year, Eline Powell also starred in the comedy movie Stoner Express.

The following year, she landed another minor role in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword as one of the sexy sirens. That same year, the Belgian actress also got a small part in Novitiate. 

In 2018, one of her breakout roles came as Eline Powell landed as a cast member for the fantasy drama show Siren. The actress is playing the role of a feral mermaid, Ryn. Her mermaid character not only showcased the acting talent of the actress but her shapely ass and boobs as well. The series is currently running in its third season.

Sexy and Hot Eline Powell Pictures

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