49 Sexy and Hot Elastigirl Pictures

In her normal state, her name is Helen Parr. But in “The Incredibles” team, she is Elastigirl. And if you’ve seen her in “The Incredible 2”, you might pray she becomes real. Elastigirl’s tight suit accentuates her big ass and great boobs, creating that Coca-Cola bikini body.

In the movie, Helen Parr is a housewife and mother to her three adorable kids. But when trouble kicked in, Elastigirl came to the rescue, along with her superhero family.

Brad Bird is the designer behind the sexy superhero, Elastigirl, and her family, Bob Parr, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. The animated film “The Incredibles” is under Pixar animated Studios and premiered back in 2004. According to Bird, he wanted each family member’s powers to represent their personality. For Helen Parr’s character, he thinks that as a mother and wife, the society required her to do so many things and stretch her capabilities; hence, Elastigirl.

Brad Bird was particular when he created Elastigirl. He revealed that Helen Parr was in her late 30s and had an athletic figure with a narrow waist and full hips. After she got pregnant with Jack-Jack, her hips became more extensive, and her thighs, thicker.

In the first movie, The Incredibles, Helen Parr got introduced as a housewife living in the suburbs with her family. She and her husband, Bob Parr, lived a simple and ordinary life after the city banned superheroes and raised their three children, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. They later discovered that their children also had powers after a troublesome superhero-wannabe called Syndrome tried to create chaos in the city.

It was in the sequel, “The Incredibles 2″, that Elastigirl shined like a diamond. She became the face of the superheroes who wanted to make their existence legal again. However, she became bait to the evil plan of Evelyn, who later got defeated by Elastigirl’s family.

The sequel made a significant positive response from the viewers because it focused on Elastigirl being a badass mom. Her power, elasticity, represented every mother’s work in their daily life. Aside from flexibility, she can also shapeshift into another thing like becoming a parachute.

Aside from elasticity and shapeshifting, Elastigirl was also invulnerable to overstretching. In the movie, she complained about her body ache after overstretching. However, it did not have a long term effect on her. Furthermore, Elastigirl was immune to bullets because of her flexibility. 

Elastigirl was also best in hand-to-hand combat. The first movie showed that during a fight, she was capable of smacking down several men in just a couple of strokes. 

Holly Hunter is the voice behind Elastigirl. She is an actress and producer, who is also a wife to Gordon MacDonald, and a mother to twins, Claude and Press.