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Born on January 30, 1990, Eiza González is the daughter of a former model. She’s a Mexican actress who had her debut as Lola Valente in Lola, érase una vez, a musical telenovela. Before we go any further, I must say that the collection of Sexy and Hot Eiza Gonzalez Pictures we have created is pretty awesome. Check it out below,

Before her first telenovela, Eiza González studied at M&M Studio for a year. After a year, she enrolled in Centro de Educacion Artistica. A producer and director saw her potential. Two years later, Pedro Damian, the same director who spotted her in art school, included her in Floricienta.

Later on, Eiza González played a leading role in the Lola, érase una vez. The series aired in Latin American and the US in 2007. After the set, Eiza González went to New York for an acting class for three months. She returned to her home country, Mexico, to film more shows.

Eiza González got a supporting character for the Mujeres Asesinas Second Season. In the same year, she launched her solo album Contracorriente. In 2010, Eiza González landed a starring role in Sueña Conmigo. During the filming, she had to travel to Buenos Aires and stay there for a year. Eiza González would go back home during production breaks.

This series became a hit in Argentina. Thus, the cast performed concerts in Argentina to the fans for three months. The following year, Eiza González starred in a comedy film Casi 30. This movie was her debut in the film industry.

In 2012, Eiza González landed a role in Amores Verdaderos. That same year, she got an offer for the Mexican remake of the Gossip Girl. Eiza González had to decline because of the hectic schedule in filming Amores verdaderos.

After doing Spanish speaking roles, Eiza González transitioned to English speaking roles. She moved to California to find more acting roles. Her breakthrough in Hollywood came when

Eiza González got a role in From Dusk Till Dawn. She played Santanico Pandemonium. During the filming of the series, Eiza González had to move to Texas, at least for the first season. The series aired in Netflix and renewed for a second season. In 2016, the second season aired again on Netflix.

In 2017, Eiza González starred in Baby Driver as Darling. She also appeared in The Fast and the Furious in 2019.

Aside from acting, Eiza González had several albums. These albums are Contracorriente (late 2008), and Te Acordarás de Mí (2012). Her single in Te Acordarás de Mí with the same title as the album reached number 66 in Mexican Music Chart.

She also became a brand ambassador of different brands, including Avon and Asepxia. In 2015, González became the face of Neutrogena. She appeared in many advertisements to promote the brand.

In her interview in 2015, González revealed that she struggled to overcome her overeating habits during her teen years. Her overeating habits made her depressed. But judging on her sexy, hot bikini body with perfect ass and boobs, González succeeded.

Sexy and Hot Eiza Gonzalez Pictures