42 Sexy and Hot Dylan Dreyer Pictures

Her first name might be more common for the male species, but one look at Dylan Dreyer will let you know she is a woman through and through. This sexy New Jersey native is a weather correspondent on the news division of the giant broadcast network, NBC. Below, you will find a complete gallery of Sexy and Hot Dylan Dreyer Pictures, but before, let’s dive a bit into her life story.

The television personality has a bachelor’s degree in meteorology at Rutgers University. Right after college, Dylan Dreyer worked at local news stations like WICU, WJAR, and WHDH, before joining NBC News in 2012.

Her dedication to her craft knows no bounds, as the hot reporter suffered from a concussion when she was on her way to cover a blizzard in 2013. Luckily, Dylan Dreyer has not reported any work-related incident since then.

Aside from being a weather correspondent, she also hosts Earth Odyssey. The informational science program takes viewers around the globe, building a connection with the wildlife and environment of various countries. With Dylan Dreyer as the captain of the ship, we would gladly face anything from friendly penguins to the more dangerous wild animals.

With all of her television hosting duties, the beautiful blonde has an estimated net worth of 4 million dollars. Fans recently welcomed her return to the small screen after taking maternity leave for her second child. Not only the audience but also her co-hosts were overjoyed to have the attractive reporter back.

She has been married to technician Brian Fichera since 2012. They now have two children. Her husband recently made headlines for his unexpected battle with the rampaging coronavirus early in 2020. 

Fortunately, the family man has made a quick recovery. With the global pandemic hitting numerous countries, Dylan Dreyer has taken to shooting her part on The Today Show from their living room. Unsurprisingly, she reveals the chaotic mess her house has become because of the whole lockdown period.

Like most American celebrities, the reporter is active on social media. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers. If you are interested in seeing what Dylan Dreyer has been up to, her platforms chronicle her home life while living with two young kids. Though she had a miscarriage in early 2019, it is fortunate that her second pregnancy ended without any problems.

News reporters have to follow a particular dress code on the screen, but there is no denying that the gorgeous star has maintained a fantastic figure. Motherhood has done wonders for Dylan Dreyer’s generous boobs and ass.

We are excited to see Dylan Dreyer’s welcome return to television. With her bright smile and lovely personality, hearing the weather news has been so exciting. Browse through our carefully curated selection of bikini photos of this charming TV personality.

Sexy and Hot Dylan Dreyer Pictures