47 Sexy and Hot Drew Barrymore Pictures

Hailing from the Barrymore family of actors, the sexy Drew bears a lot of weight in her shoulders. Now 45 years old, she had a satisfying and successful acting career. With many awards, accolades, and a spot in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, her contribution to the acting industry will forever matter.

Most of Barrymore’s childhood happened in Poinsettia Place. When she turned 7, she moved to Sherman Oaks for seven years. As a young girl, Barrymore is already facing struggles, balancing academic life as well as her affiliation with acting.

She had a diagnosis of mental illness in her teenage years, and soon, she entered rehab to recover. Barrymore successfully ended her rehab, and at the age of 15, she became independent and started living in an apartment.

Barrymore’s film debut occurred in 1980 in the movie the Altered States. She landed another role on the Steven Spielberg cult classic, E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial in 1982.

Barrymore scored a leading role in the movie Firestarter, a 1984 film adaptation of Stephen King’s famous novel. That same year, the film Irreconcilable Differences helped Barrymore receive her first Golden Globe Awards nomination.

Barrymore later transitioned in more teenage oriented roles and abandoned her childhood image. In 1992, she played the main character in the movie Poison Ivy which became an instant hit to the masses.

Barrymore continued acting for more Hollywood movies until reaching a more mature image. In 2000, she got another lead role in the first  Charlie’s Angels film. Barrymore would later reprise her role in the film’s sequel that premiered in 2003.

Barrymore continued landing more main characters, including 2004’s famous 50 First Dates film.

Her mid to late 2000 career went strong after a lot of castings and commercially successful films. She continued acting in 2010 onwards, for films including Going the Distance, Blended, and Miss You Already.

Barrymore appeared in Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet, which aired in 2017 and lasted for almost two years.

Aside from her acting career, Barrymore has also been busy with her production works starting from 1995 when she formed Flower Films alongside Nancy Juvonen.

Barrymore tried out exploring and entered another venture when she made her cosmetics and fashion wear brand. Barrymore also tried out selling wines and became successful in her business ventures.

As a homage to Drew Barrymore’s contribution to the Holywood, she got her spot in the Walk of Fame in the year 2004.

Barrymore can also be hot sometimes, which is evident in her magazine shoots and movie starring. Even after getting into trouble at a very young age, Barrymore was able to pull herself together and successfully maintained a bikini body.

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Sexy and Hot Drew Barrymore Pictures