47 Sexy and Hot Diane Guerrero Pictures

The Orange Is the New Black sexy American actress has a promising career ahead of her. With over 200 thousand followers on Twitter and 2 million on Instagram, Diane Guerrero is starting to become influential in her way. Want more of this beauty? Check out the gallery of Sexy and Hot Diane Guerrero Pictures we have created below.

Guererro spent her childhood in New Jersey, where she was also born. She was separated from her family at the age of 14 because she’s the only one with US citizenship and is not affected by being deported.

At an early age, Guererro already figured out what she wants to do in life, and that is acting. She enrolled in Boston Arts Academy and joined the music section. She continued honing her skills for performing until she graduated and reached the age of 24.

Guerrero started moving and finally settled in New York City, where she will find her first acting role. She’s supposed to audition for a position in Devious Maids, but she was instead cast for Orange Is the New Black. The cast did an excellent job of portraying their roles in the show and has received a lot of recognition for the series’ second season.

The Cuban actress returned in 2014 to play a part in the film Emoticon ;). Her performance received positive feedbacks from different publications, including the Los Angeles Times. Most of the reviewers praised Guerrero’s innocent and heart touching performance.

One of her notable appearances in a TV series would be her portrayal of Lina in Jane the Virgin. An almost lead role slipped away from Guerrero’s hands when the pilot for the show Super Clyde never took off.

Guerrero took a turn in 2016 when she made a memoir dedicated to the situation of their family, and the events that happened when she was 14 years old. Henry Holt and Co. published her work in collaboration with Michelle Burford.

Aside from her last project, Guerrero re-released another one almost similar to her earlier. Her work new work is titled My Family Divided. This book, however, is targeted towards younger children who are suffering the same situation she had when she was in her teenage years.

She continued starring in TV shows, and in 2018, she is in the cast of Doom Patrol. Here, she portrayed the character of Crazy Jane, which allowed fans to have a view of her hot body. After almost a year of filming, the show premiered in 2019.

Guerrero is also part of a podcast project made by Hello Sunshine podcast. She became the host of How It Is, which lasted for two seasons.

Guerrero’s bikini body is always in good shape because of the type of roles she portrays. You’ll see more of it if you check out our collection of best boobs and ass pictures of her.

Sexy and Hot Diane Guerrero Pictures