40 Sexy and Hot Diana Rigg Pictures

Hailed as the sexiest TV star of all time, Diana Rigg is a renowned British actress in the 1960s. She is famously known for portraying Emma Peel, a British cultural icon from the film The Avengers.

Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg was born in 1938 in Yorkshire, Northern England. During her childhood years, her family lived in India, where her father works as a railway executive.

Eventually, her family sent her back to study at a boarding school in Yorkshire. She also enrolled at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art to pursue acting.   

She made her first theatre performance in The Caucasian Chalk Circle, where she played Natasha Abashwilli in 1957. Following her debut, Rigg starred in numerous theatre productions, where she bagged four Tony Award nominations for Best Actress. Her most recent appearance was in the musical My Fair Lady as Mrs. Higgins.

Aside from her theatre work, Rigg landed on her first film performance in 1968 at A Midsummer Night’s Dream as Helena. She also appeared in films such as The Hospital, Snow White, and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, as James Bond’s wife.  

In addition to her film projects, Rigg appeared in numerous TV films during her entire acting career. She got her breakthrough role as the hot Emma Peel, a female spy in The Avengers. Her successful portrayal as a secret agent earned her the title as the world’s famous sex-symbol.

Rigg also made it in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. She played a supporting role as Lady Olenna Tyrell for four years. Her performance earned a Guest Actress Emmy nomination. 

Now 81, Rigg remains to have an active career in both film and TV. She has an upcoming 2021 psychological horror film entitled Last Night in Soho, where she will play the role of Miss Collins.

Rigg’s services to the arts and drama did not go unnoticed. She received honorary degrees from two UK universities and two British honors awarded by the Queen. She also received the Will Award from the Shakespeare Theatre Company.

In terms of her romantic affairs, Riggs dated several men, including director Philip Saville. She is also previously married to Israeli painter, Menachem Gueffen, and theatrical producer Archibald Stirling. Rigg has one daughter, a 43-year-old British actress Rachael Stirling.

 During the sixties, Rigg became famously known for her portrayal of Emma Peel. Fans of Diane Rigg remembered the veteran actress for her tight-fitting leather catsuit and her brown wavy hair. She also sports a mini-skirt that emphasizes her ass and boobs. During one of her film debuts, the actress confidently slays skimpy bikinis with her slender figure.   Indulge yourself with Diana Rigg’s photos that will surely blow your mind off.

Sexy and Hot Diana Rigg Pictures

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