46 Sexy and Hot Denise Richards Pictures

With a diverse acting and sexy modeling career under her belt, Denise Richards is undoubtedly on fire. Because of her early eagerness to work, she pushed her limits and achieved a lot of milestones throughout her career.

Before you indulge in the best hot photos of Richards, we think that it’s nice to get to know her better. You might even get surprised by what movies she starred on.

Born and raised in Downers Grove, Illinois, Richards had a brilliant childhood to teen life. Later, after she turned 15, the family moved to Oceanside, California. Here, she finished her studies at El Camino High School, and afterward, she decided to pursue a career right away.

Richards’ early departure from education allowed her to travel in different places around the globe. She has been to Tokyo, New York, and the modeling epicenter, Paris.

After modeling, Richards transitioned into acting, and because of her background and natural beauty, getting into one is easy. Although, like any other artist, she started small and only appeared on films produced in a low-budget. In 1997, her breakthrough happened when Richard’s got in the cast of Starship Troopers, which her performance resulted in a nomination for an award.

In 1999, she had another opportunity to join a high-budget film, and this time, it was in The World Is Not Enough. However, her hot portrayal in the James Bond film as Christmas Jones has been widely criticized by many critics, including Entertainment Weekly, a famous magazine.

The criticisms never stopped Richards from acting, which she proved when she joined the cast of the cult classic, Friends. 

Richards scored more roles in many films, including ones that are on the comedy genre. She made appearances in 2001’s Valentine, 2002’s Undercover Brother, and Scary Movie 3, which premiered in 2003.

Richards went back to modeling right after her pregnancy. In 2004, she posed for Playboy Magazine, and in 2006, Richards made a fundraising photoshoot for Jane Magazine. Aside from that, Richards appears in several sexiest women list from different publications, including FHM and Maxim.

Richards later returned to acting in 2010 when she appeared in Spike’s Blue Mountain State. The next year, she got an offer to have an appearance in Hollywood Moms’ Club, which she gladly accepted.

In 2011, Richards was supposed to appear in Two and a Half Men. However, she declined due to unknown reasons. In that same year, she made a guesting in NBC’s 30 Rock.

Richards’ last appearance on a TV show happened on ABC’s Twisted in 2012.

Denise Richards is widely known for her stunning bikini shots, which can be found in popular magazines back in the days. However, if you’re a fan and you want to relive those times, then you’ve come to the right source. Our compilation of Denise Richards’ best boobs and ass photos are all of high-quality.

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