47 Sexy and Hot Denise Milani Pictures

One of the best features of the model, Denise Milani, might be her big boobs and wide ass. Her followers have hailed her a curvaceous model on Instagram, and her success as a model continued after she got many endorsements from clothing brands. To see more photos of Denise Milani, browse our compilation of images.

Born on April 24, 1976, Denise Milani spent her childhood in the Czech Republic, along with her two siblings and parents. She immigrated to the US in 2005 to further her modeling career. Milani had the ambition of becoming a physiotherapist since she was always into fitness and health since she was a teenager.

Milani thought that if she moves to the United States, she would finally get her dreams to come true. However, it was her curvaceous figure that made her successful. Milani has a DDD bra size, and her ass looked wider with her small waistline. 

When Milani arrived in California, she packed only a few English words with her. Denise revealed in an interview that she had difficulty expressing herself when she first came to the United States. She does not know how to speak the language well. Then, she got hired in a bar at Hermosa Beach for her to get by. 

Then, soon after Milani got exposures, her success soared like an eagle. She became the talk of the internet town. She got an offer from SportsbyBrooks in 2005 and met some of the most famous models. Through her photoshoot engagements, Milani’s name became even more known.

Her revealing swimsuit photoshoots made Denise even more successful. In 2007, she competed for Miss Bikini Body and won the title. She got new shoot engagements and became even more popular.

In 2013, the hot sports model got a spot on the Top Ten Most Desirable Women in the world, along with Jessica Alba, Adriana Lima, and Megan Fox. To even up to her sexiness, peopled hailed her as “The new queen of eroticism”. Fans from all over the world became happier when Denise made an Instagram account and uploaded her sexy photos. There, she updated her fans with her recent whereabouts and her fitness guru works.

Although Denise is happy that many people love her figure, she still wanted to become more popular for her success as a fitness guru. In an interview, Denise said that she would never post for a nude in any magazine because it does not match her persona. 

Currently, Denise is married and has a son. However, she does not want to reveal her husband’s information, nor her son’s since she wants to keep it as private as possible.