50 Sexy and Hot Danica McKellar Pictures

By looking at Danica McKellar’s sexy pictures, you would not think that this girl is a mathematics major. Find out more what makes her stunning, which will leave your mouth open. You will know what makes her more than just a pretty face.

Danica Mae McKellar was from California. Her mother was a homemaker, and her father was a real estate developer. Her mother’s name is Mahaila, and her father’s name is Christopher. She has a younger sister, whose name is Crystal, a lawyer. 

In her hot photos, you would see that she has French, German, Scottish, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch roots. What made her even hotter was that she graduated from the University of California with the highest honors, taking up a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. 

Looking at her in a bikini, you would not ever think that Danica has a nerdy side. Aside from her success in academics, she has also been active in the performing industry.

When Danica was seven, the actress took on a prominent role as a love interest of Kevin Arnold in the TV series The Wonder Years. She admitted that he was her first kiss when they had to do it for the role. However, she revealed that they treated each other as siblings.

After The Wonder Years, Danica busted her ass by taking on various guest roles in different TV series. In her later acting career, she admitted that she found the shift of being a child star to being an adult actress difficult. Danica got some roles in the two TV movies of the series Moment of Truth.

She had a recurring role for the TV series, The West Wing, where she played the character Elsie Snuffin. Danica also appeared in some of the Hallmark Channel’s television films.

She also appeared in Debbie Gibson’s music video for the song No More Rhyme. 

In 2005, Danica posed in her lingerie for the July edition of Stuff magazine. She said that she wanted to do it to acquire grittier roles.

In 2015, Danica became one of the casts of Project MC squared, a Netflix original.

Currently, she has lent her voice for The Jetsons as Judy. Danica also became the voice actor for Miss Martian in the Young Justice series.

Aside from her TV and movie roles, she also wrote books that aim to provide confidence for the middle-school girls on mathematics. These books are: Kiss My Math, Math Doesn’t Suck, Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape, Hot X: Algebra Exposed, and more.

She got married twice. Her first husband was Michael Verta, a composer, and they dated for almost eight years before they married. However, they divorced three years after their marriage. They have a child named Draco. 

In 2014, she got married to Scott Sveslosky. 

As a woman, she has the face, boobs, and butts, but she also has the brain that leaves everyone in awe.