55 Sexy and Hot Dakota Johnson Pictures

Who would forget Dakota Johnson’s hot and gracious performance in the Fifty Shades film series? There’s no doubt that she’s more than a versatile actress because of her daring roles. But if you don’t know Johnson, it is best to stick around and know her history and acting experiences.

Dakota Mayi Johnson was born in Texas. However, she spent most of her childhood in different cities because of her parents’ work. Johnson had a troubled early academic life because of her ADHD, but the actress mostly stayed in Aspen Community School.

As of transferring to New Roads School, Johnson discovered her love for modeling, which she capitalized on. She later appeared on several modeling gigs, including in Teen Vogue, a popular magazine at that time.

Johnson also tried out working in summer vacation as a cashier on a local store to help with her expenses and allowance.

Despite her ADHD diagnosis, Johnson was able to finish her high school program. Afterward, she tried applying to Juilliard School but failed to do so for some reason.

Johnson had an early affinity for acting because of her parents. She’s always given a chance to be on acting set, so her curiosity never died down. Her most initial on-screen appearance is on Crazy in Alabama, when she was still ten years old.

Both of her parents, however, are against Johnson’s early acting career, and they said that they’d only let her enter show business once she finishes high school.

She made her way into mainstream films starting 2010 when she starred in The Social Network, a bio-film of Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. In 2012 Johnson became busy as she made appearances in 21 Jump Street, The Five-Year Engagement, and Goats.

In 2015, Johnson’s breakthrough finally happened when she starred as Anastasia Steele in the film Fifty Shades of Grey. The project was a massive success commercially, which gave way to more releases. Her performance in this particular film also gave her a nomination for a Rising Star Award.

That same year, she appeared in two more films, Black Mass and A Bigger Splash.

Johnson reprised her role in the Fifty Shades series until its final release in 2018. Throughout the entire series, she dealt with nudity and showed a lot of boobs and ass.

In 2018, she landed two more film projects, Suspiria and El Royale. Her recent works are both movies that premiered in 2019 Wounds and The Peanut Butter Falcon.

Dakota Johnson posts a lot of her bikini pictures on her social media platforms. It seems like Johnson is proud of her slim figure. To make your life a lot easier, you don’t need to search for her pictures anymore.

We offer you the highest quality compilation of Dakota Johnson’s photos to ever grace the internet.

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