46 Sexy and Hot Courtney Stodden Pictures

This sexy blonde was relatively unknown until she made headlines in 2011 for marrying a famous actor thrice her age. The unexpected media attention only furthered Courtney Stodden’s career in the entertainment industry.

Nicknamed Ember, this young celebrity, grew up in a loving family with her parents and two older sisters. Compared to other girls her age, though, Courtney Stodden had fantastic proportions, which often caused her to receive bullying from her peers. 

The abuse got to the point where the aggressors fractured her arm, and the teen felt her safety was in peril. As a result, Courtney Stodden’s parents pulled her out from school, and she finished her education through an online academy.

The hot celebrity had a passion for singing, so a relative recommended her to attend an online acting workshop. Actor Doug Hutchinson taught the class. He did not know that Courtney Stodden was still a teenager, and they began an unusual courtship. Her parents gave their approval on the relationship and let her decide what she wanted. 

Eventually, the two married in 2011. However, with their considerable age gap, trouble brewed in paradise. A year after their wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada, the pair made an appearance on the reality television show, Couples Therapy.

Aside from their issues with one another, the duo also showed friction with the other couples on the show. After years of marriage, their divorce finalized in 2020.

Though Courtney Stodden said she will still love her ex-husband, the American starlet confessed she felt adults manipulated her into the marriage. The celebrity made appearances on other shows like Celebrity Big Brother, Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, Hollywood Hillbillies, Reality Ex-Wives, and Million Dollar Matchmaker.

Together with her mom/previous manager, she also showed up in an episode of The Mother/Daughter Experiment.

Now that she is officially single, Courtney Stodden plans to focus on her art. The blonde bombshell is working on releasing new songs which she announced on her Instagram. Aside from promoting her work, her feed contains numerous bikini photos. The skimpy clothing almost could not hide her generous boobs and ass.

The stunning singer has released several title tracks like Car Candy, Don’t Put It On Me, Orange Juice and Pink Pills, Daddy Issues, and Freak Alert. We look forward to hearing the new music she will put out soon.

She made her movie debut in 2016 in the movie Love Addict. However, it was only for a minor role and did not gain prominence.

If Courtney Stodden decides to pursue acting in film or television, she will be a great addition to the numerous blonde bombshells in Hollywood. Check out our extensive collection of photos of this lovely female.

Sexy and Hot Courtney Stodden Pictures