43 Sexy and Hot Courtney Ford Pictures

Do you have a crush on striking TV and movie actress Courtney Ford? Do you think she deserves to get more on-screen roles aside from her recently concluded series of appearances in “Legends of Tomorrow”? If you felt smitten with the sexy Courtney by following her character in the superhero TV series, then you surely want to see more of her pretty face and hot body. After all, who would find this gorgeous celebrity unpretty, right?

Plus, Courtney has the curvy boobs and the foxy ass that will surely make you demand to see more of her on screen. Do not worry because we have got the sizzling-hot images of your current object of infatuation here. We have compiled many of her pictures, not only wearing skimpy string bikinis, but also other tight-fitting and sensual pieces of clothing. So hang in there.

Let us first get to know the beautiful actress. Courtney’s middle name is Braden. Her Mom delivered her to this world on June 27, 1978. This piece of information tells us that the zodiac sign of this fine-looking TV and movie personality is Cancer, a Water sign. Furthermore, Courtney is an American citizen, with her birthplace listed online as Huntington Beach, California.

As an aspiring entertainer, Courtney got her acting training through methods like The Improv Underground and The Strasberg Method. Then, in 1998, she entered the showbiz industry. She appeared in movies like the Orlando Bloom starrer “The Good Doctor,” and “The Front Runner,” alongside Hugh Jackman and Vera Farmiga. Plus, Courtney got cast in “Alien Raiders,” “Sironia,” “Back To Love,” and “Meet My Valentine,” among many others.

For 20 years since 2000, Courtney has been busy taking on roles in the episodes of many famous TV series as well. You must have spotted her performing in “Criminal Minds,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “NCIS,” “True Blood,” “CSI: NY,” “Hawaii Five-0,” “Castle,” and “Supernatural,” among many other popular TV series. Plus, in “Dexter,” Courtney took on the recurring role of Christine Hill, and she appeared in 11 episodes.

As of May 2020, Courtney is active and waiting for more on-screen projects. This 5’6″ tall charmer surely makes you feel starstruck, considering that she possesses fabulous dark brown hair, high and tantalizing cheekbones, and a captivating pair of green eyes. Courtney truly has a sexy face. Above all, this piece of magnificence possesses a beautiful physique measuring 32-24-34 inches and fits size-4 dresses.

Did you know that this eye candy is a hot Momma of one son? Courtney gave birth to her only child in August 2012. And do you want to know who her co-maker is? It is no less than handsome and charming “Superman Returns” actor, Brandon Routh.

Nevertheless, you are free to gaze at and enjoy Mrs. Routh’s sultry images for as long as you want, and here they are! Enjoy!

Sexy and Hot Courtney Ford Pictures