60 Sexy and Hot Claudia Kim Pictures

Claudia Kim is one of the most sought-after actresses in South Korea who made it big in Hollywood. She’s got a girl-next-door vibe and a sexy body that everyone likes.   

Kim Soo Hyun, also known by her English name Claudia Kim Shampine is born in 1985 in Seoul, South Korea. She stayed in the United States until she was six years old before moving back to her home country.

As a child, she wanted to become an international lawyer but later aspired to be a TV anchor in high school. She got her inspiration from CNN Asia’s news anchor Karuna Shinsho.

She attended Ewha Womans University, where she majored in international relations. While studying, she worked as a reporter in the university’s English newspaper Ewha Voice. She took her internship at Arirang TV and The Korea Times.

In 2005, Kim made her entertainment debut after winning a modeling contest. She became the first winner without any prior experience in modeling.

Since then, Kim aspired to be in a German fashion show. She also took acting lessons in the hope of becoming an artist.

The aspiring actress soon got her big break after a TV producer named Oh Se-Kang discovered Kim in a morning talk show. The producer offered Kim to appear in a drama series and play the role of a lawyer.

In 2006, Kim made her acting debut in the TV series Queen of the Game. She played the part of Park Joo-won, an international lawyer. She won the New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards.

Since then, Kim appeared in other Korean TV series as a supporting role. She starred in the romantic drama Romance Town and spy comedy 7th Grade Civil Servant.

Due to the limitations of the Korean acting industry for actresses like Kim, she decided to enter Hollywood. In an interview with Character Media, Kim shared that working in Hollywood means getting more diverse roles than in South Korea.  

In 2012, she started her audition for American movies. Soon, she successfully bagged roles in blockbuster films. She landed on her Hollywood debut in the superhero film Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Since then, several Hollywood opportunities followed. She starred in the action-fantasy film The Dark Tower, where she portrayed the role of a seer. She also made her international series debut in the historical drama Marco Polo.

In 2018, Kim got her big break when she joined the ensemble cast of the fantasy film Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, as Nagini.

Aside from acting, Kim has been gracing several fashion magazines. From elegant gowns to patterned bikinis, the Korean actress slays them all. Her greatest assets are her ass and boobs that complements her slender body.   Take a look at Claudia Kim’s photo gallery that will leave you mesmerized.

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