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Claudia Black is an Australian actress known for her voice-over roles. Born in New South Wales and on October 11, 1972, Australia, she grew up in a Jewish family. Despite her age, she is one hot mama with a fantastic bikini body, ass, and boobs. Enjoy the alluring, Despite her age, Claudia Black is one hot mama with a fantastic bikini body, ass, and boobs. Enjoy the alluring, Sexy and Hot Claudia Black Pictures we have for you.

Black’s parents, Jules and Judy, are medical academics in Australia. Throughout the years, Black lived in different countries, including Spain, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, and the US. She attended the Anglican Kambala School (Sydney).

This forty-year-old sexy actress married Jamie Oddie in 2004. But in 2016, the marriage ended in a divorce.  The couple has two sons.

Before becoming a popular name in voice over roles, Black starred in many shows in Australia. In 1992, her acting debut was Sandra, which was part of Home and Away, a TV soap opera. After the series, she appeared as guests in Seven Deadly Sins, Police Rescue, and GP.

In 1993, Black got a regular role in A Country Practice. She played as Claire Bonacci, which lasted until 1994. Two years after, Black starred in another soap opera, City Life. She played Angela Kostapas. She also starred as Jill Mayhew in crime series for Australian Television, Good Guys, Bad Guys.

Black starred in Farscape, an Australian and American series. She played Aeryn Sun and was part of the series until 2003. The series lasted for four seasons but initially has five seasons. In 2004, Black portrayed her character to wrap up the TV series since Farscape ended in a cliffhanger.

Her portrayal of Aeryn Sun gained her global recognition. Black starred in Stargate Sg-1 as Vala Mal Doran. At first, her character had to appear only in one episode. However, her performance changed the minds of the producers. 

Black returned to the show for more appearances. She then became a regular in the show. Black, together with Michael Shanks, created a pair loved by the audience.  In 2016, Black also appeared in Containment as Sabine Lommers.

Black began her voice acting roles in 2005. Since then, she lent her voice to characters in many video games. Black played the voice roles for Artemis (God of War), Chloe Frazer (Uncharted 2), Helena (Crysis), Morrigan (Dragon Age), and a lot more.

Throughout her career, Black won several awards, including a Best Female Performance in the Constellation Awards (2007)  for her role in Stargate. She won another this award in 2009. In 2004, Black got Best Actress in Saturn Award in the Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars.

Aside from these shows, Black also starred in the Justice League: Doom and Rango as the voice role of Angelique. As of to date, Black has a net worth $2 million, a culmination of having appeared in different shows and movies.

Sexy and Hot Claudia Black Pictures