60 Sexy and Hot Christina Hendricks Pictures

Sexy does not only apply to young women. You can also use it to describe the 44-year old actress Christina Hendricks. Having an hourglass figure, a British Equalities minister credited Christina as having a woman’s ideal shape.

Being born to an American mother and a British father, Christina Hendricks obtained dual citizenship. As a young girl, she was used to moving around due to her father’s job, an employee of the Forest Service.

Before becoming an actress, Christina Hendricks was a former model. With her figure, she was able to join a competition to appear on the cover of a famous magazine. This event led her to sign with a talent company.

Being a model, Christina Hendricks showed her perfect body, along with her gorgeous boobs and ass. For her modeling career, she went to different countries, including London and Japan.

After her modeling days, Christina Hendricks appeared on some commercials. Then, she began her acting career by auditioning for roles. In 1999, the Undressed series introduced Christina Hendricks to the viewing public.

Following the Undressed series, Christina had a lead role for another series titled, Beggars and Choosers. The series was a comedy and aired for three years.

Christina Hendricks went on to work on various films and television series. She starred in Mad Men as Joan Holloway, a character for which Christina earned multiple awards and nominations. Currently, Christina Hendricks is the lead in the Good Girls series.

Aside from being an actress and a model, Christina Hendricks is known for her voluptuous figure. She is also a redhead, has blue eyes and a tall woman at 5’8″. Physically, Christina Hendricks is a looker, and seeing her in a bikini is something every male (or female) specie wishes to view in their lifetime.

Christina Hendricks claims that she did not undergo any breast implant. The number of women who went under the knife increased in 2010. this statement is according to an association of British plastic surgeons. The association believed the rise was partly because of Hendricks’ impact.

Whether Christina Hendricks did have plastic surgery or not, does not make her less of a person. She is an empowered woman, and because of her career, people always notice her. She is under the limelight and is open to fans and critics.

Christina Hendricks does not want to be noticed by her body alone. She is a bonafide actress, and she is working to give the audience the best portrayal of all her characters. Though 44 years old, Christina Hendricks is far from leaving the showbiz world. She continues to inspire women and show her talent to the world. She remains a sexy actress, passionate about the career she chose in life.

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