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Christina Applegate aged just like fine wine. She is still as hot as the younger version of herself, and she did age gracefully. This award-winning actress is another proof that age is just a number. Even if she’s approaching her 50s, Christina Applegate is one defining specimen of grace and beauty.

Applegate is an actress/dancer. She played as one of the main characters in the hit American TV sitcom Married With Children (1987-1997). Playing the significant roles in this sitcom shot her up into fame, and has earned her massive popularity throughout the United States and various other countries. 

She also appeared in the NBC Sitcom Friends (1994-2004). Applegate got nominated for the Golden Globe, Tony Award, and finally grabbing the trophy at the Emmy Award (1994) together with Bruce Willis in their appearance in Friends. She also appeared in several movies such as Grand Theft Parsons (2003) and Vacation (2015).

In August 2008, she got diagnosed with breast cancer in its early stages. The early detection was a sigh of relief because they got a hold of it earlier before it reaches higher stages. She was treated, made a full recovery, and in the same month, she was declared cancer-free after undergoing a double mastectomy, even though the cancer was only present in one breast.

In October 2017, Christina Applegate revealed that she went under the knife to reduce further cancer risks, removing her ovaries and fallopian tubes. What a fighter!

Christina Applegate was a total babe in her prime years. Her stay in Married With Children was a sight for sore eyes, revealing her sexy figure as she played Kelly Bundy, the eldest child of Peggy and Al Bundy, who was notorious for being extraordinarily dumb but extremely attractive. A memorable scene in this sitcom was when Kelly Bundy showed her dad what she had to wear for her next commercial, revealing a pink bikini hidden under a trench coat. 

In the film Claudine’s Return (1998), she strips down to her underwear and performs a pole dance, highlighting her petite boobs and her jaw-dropping ass. Applegate got a place in People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in the World back in 1990. And even as time went by, her beauty stayed with her. 

She has many incredible stories. Little did people know, but the hit girl-group The Pussycat Dolls was started in her garage.  She was an avid fan of Guitar Hero (2005). This love for the video game gave her an immense two-week headache so bad that she had to go to the doctor for treatment and take a break for her TV series. She hasn’t played the game since April 2009.

Get a load of her photos in our gallery. See for yourself how gorgeous Christina Applegate is.

Sexy and Hot Christina Applegate Pictures

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