44 Sexy and Hot Christian Serratos Pictures

American sexy actress Christian Serratos is best known for her role in The Walking Dead Franchise. But before she rose into fame and loved by millions of fans, she started with a humble beginning in Nickelodeon.

Serratos spent most of her childhood in Burbank, California. She developed an early interest in figure skating at the age of 3. Serratos made serious progress on the sports up to the point that her coaches started talking about making her join the Olympics.

Serratos later dropped figure skating and pursued an early career in modeling when she had a contract with Ford Modeling Agency when she was 7.

The American actress then transitioned to acting and debuted in Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, which premiered in Nickelodeon in 2004. The show lasted until 2007, boasting a total of 3 seasons.

Before she did hot roles on-screen, Serratos started in the Twilight Saga and portrayed the character of Angela Weber. The blockbuster film series enabled its artists to achieve great heights in their careers. The American actress gained a nomination from the Young Artist Awards for her performance in the film series, as well.

While filming for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, Serratos landed a role in the film, 96 minutes. The 93-minute movie featured her as Lena.

Serratos is also widely popular because of her affiliation with The Walking Dead series. She started as a guest, and later on, she got a promotion and became a regular in the series’ fifth season. Her development continued, and in the show’s seventh season, she started appearing as one of the main characters.

Publications noticed how amazing Serratos’ bikini body is. In 2010, she got inside Maxim’s Hot 100 at #65. She also scored an appearance in one section of Playboy magazine in 2015.

Serratos is outspoken about her choice of becoming a vegan. The American actress is also public about her support with PETA’s campaigns. As an animal activist, Serratos also pushes and promotes the benefits of being a vegan.

The American actress appeared in minor roles in several TV series before, including Zoey 101, 7th Heaven, Cow Belles, Hannah Montana, and American Horror Stories. She appeared in two more films, aside from her popular ones, which are Pop Star and Flight 7500.

In 2020, Serratos finally had her first leading role after several years of becoming an actress. She took the role of Selena in Selena: The Series, which started airing its first part on Netflix.

Most fans of Serratos wouldn’t forget her portrayal in the Twilight Saga as well as her role in The Walking Dead series as Rosita Espinosa. These roles also pushed the American actress to lean towards challenging and more daring characters. With her talent and natural beauty, it is no surprise if she gets leading roles in the coming years.

Christian Serratos deserves admiration more than anything else, that’s why we compiled the best big boobs and ass photos we can find.

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