43 Sexy and Hot Chrissy Teigen Pictures

Chrissy Teigen is one of the media personalities that are undeniably sexy. Her photos and career prove it. As you browse her photos, learn more about this sassy girl. 

Christine Diane Teigen was from Delta, Utah, and her birthdate is November 30, 1984. Her mother is Thai, and her father is Norwegian. She revealed that her father was an electrician who used to move his family from places to places until they all settled in Huntington Beach when she was a teenager.

There, she attended the Snohomish High School and became a cheerleader. While working at a surf shop, a photographer discovered her, which marked the journey of her modeling career. Her discovery as a model already proves how hot she is, and you can see it in her photos too.

When not working as a fashion model, she said that she is a cook and a writer. The Cooking Channel featured her in February 2013, which followed the menu tasting for Chrissy’s wedding with John Legend. 

On the same channel, she also became a part of Cookies and Cocktails. 

She also published a book titled “Cravings: Recipes for All of the Food You Want to Eat.” This book became a New York Times Best Seller. 

In 2013, Chrissy got married to John Legend in Italy at Villa Pizzo. John Legend proposed to her in December 2011 after the four years of dating. 

The two met in 2006 in the filming of the music video Stereo, and John Legend’s song “All of Me” was a dedication to her.

Chrissy and John have two children, their daughter Luna and son Miles. 

Seeing her in the bikini, you know that she deserves all her modeling and hosting achievements. 

Chrissy Teigen’s debut for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit was in 2019 and immediately became the Rookie of the Year. She had become part of this magazine from 2011 to 2014.

Aside from the Sports Illustrated, she also became a part of other magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Ocean Drive, Glamour, Esquire, Vogue, and more.

She also became one of the faces of the New York IMG Models and became an IGN Babe in 2004.

She became a host-substitute for Deal or No Deal and became Maxim’s calendar cover in the July 2007 edition.

Her modeling campaigns involve Skullcandy, Olay, Nike, Gillette Venus, UGG Australia, among others. She also became a contributor and guest host on TMZ, MTV, E!, Extra, and others. 

She hosted Model Employee and Appeared on Watch What Happens and America’s Next Top Model. Currently, she is busy with the reality series, Chrissy’s Court. 

By looking at how awesome and successful she is, you will agree that she is a woman that kicks ass.

As for her advocates, she donated for the Planned Parenthood in 2015. She also supported the rights of immigrants and became one of the most well-known Donald Trump’s critics. During the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries and caucuses, she and her husband endorsed Elizabeth Warren.

Looking at her photos, you can agree that Chrissy’s boobs are great, but more than those titties, she is also a fantastic person with an admirable personality. 

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